Scientists puzzled over neutron stars` x-ray superbursts origin

Scientists are trying to find what exactly powers neutron stars` x-ray superbursts.

Mystery behind heating of neutron stars unravelled

Scientists were pretty sure until now that they knew how the surface of a neutron star - a super dense star that forms when a large star explodes and its core collapses into itself - can heat itself up.

Earth`s gold may have originated from colliding dead stars

Unlike elements like carbon or iron, gold cannot be created within a star instead it can only be formed by a cataclysmic event.

First evidence of existence of nuclear `pasta` inside neutron stars found

A study led by the University of Alicante has detected what may be the first observational evidence of existence of a new exotic phase of matter in the inner crust of neutron stars (pulsars).

NASA`s Chandra explores hidden population of exotic neutron stars

A major campaign using NASA`s Chandra X-ray Observatory and several other satellites has suggested that exotic neutron stars, magnetars may be more diverse-and common-than previously thought.

Pulsars can help detect gravitational waves

Pulsars are perhaps the most extraordinary physics laboratories in the Universe.

Scientists discover `dramatic flares`

Scientists have discovered dramatic flares and bursts of energy emanating from a rotating pulsar.