Denisovans crossed Wallace`s Line and interbred with modern humans

The Denisovans - newly discovered ancient human relative - crossed one of the world`s most prominent marine barriers in Indonesia, and interbred with modern humans moving through the area on the way to Australia and New Guinea, scientists have claimed.

Married couple arrested for duping unemployed youth

Police have arrested a married couple involved in duping unemployed youth of their money on the pretext of providing them jobs abroad.

World`s tiniest 7.7 mm frog discovered

A scientist has recently discovered two new species of frogs in New Guinea, one of which is now the world’s tiniest known vertebrate, averaging less than one-third of an inch.

World`s smallest frogs discovered in New Guinea

The length of an adult frog of this species is only 8-9 mm. This also makes them the world`s smallest tetrapods.

Spectacular new species discovered in New Guinea

A frog with fangs, a blind snake and a round-headed dolphin are among more than 1,000 new species recently found on the incredible Melanesian island of New Guinea.

Lost world of giant rat found in New Guinea: Report

Biologists have discovered a new species of giant rat, frogs, gecko along with some other rare animals including insects and spiders in a remote rainforest in New Guinea, Science Daily has reported.