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Two new planets orbiting ancient star discovered

Scientists have discovered two new planets orbiting an ancient star near our Sun and one of them may have liquid water on its surface, a key ingredient to support life.

Pregnant dust ring now `delivering` new planets

As you sip your cup of tea on a chilly morning, an enormous ring of dust and gas - encircling a distant star - may be giving births to new planets at this very moment.

Now, people can name newly discovered planets

Public will now be able to submit their own suggestions on what to call new discoveries in space, IAU, which is responsible for naming planets, stars and other celestial bodies, has announced.

10-mn-year-old star possibly making new planets

A star thought to have passed the age at which it can form planets may in fact be creating new worlds, according to researchers.

Two baby planets guzzling gas from `parent` star found

For the first time, scientists have observed the birth of two giant planets emitting gas as they orbit their parent star.

Scientists find five new planets close to Earth

Scientists using an intra-galactic speed gun have detected five new planets, relatively close to Earth.

3 new planets and mystery object discovered

An international research team of astronomers have discovered three new planets- each orbiting its own giant, dying star –outside our solar system.

Ten new planets discovered

An international team, including scientists from the University of Oxford, has discovered 10 new planets.