HC seeks Centre's reply on PIL seeking scheme for newborns with birth defects

The Delhi High Court on Wednesday sought a response of the Centre on a PIL for putting in place health insurance policies and a national programme for management of birth defects to ensure that foetuses with congenital problems are not aborted due to high cost of treating such children.

How birth gets newborn`s brain ready to sense the world

A new study has revealed that the actual act of birth in mice causes a reduction in a brain chemical called serotonin in the newborn mice, triggering sensory maps to form.

New born baby rescued from toilet pipe in China

A newborn baby was rescued by the Chinese firefighter from a sewage pipe after he was flushed down the toilet, according to BBC.

TN: Newborn baby found abandoned on road

A newborn baby with umbilical
cord intact was found abandoned on the road near Thanjavur on Sunday.

Newborn baby found abandoned in train`s toilet

In a shocking case, a newborn
baby girl was found abandoned inside the toilet of a train
which arrived at the Hazrat Nizamuddin station.

Monkey kills newborn baby in Malaysia

A newborn baby girl was
killed in Malaysia by a monkey who snatched her from house, bit
her face and neck and later dropped the child from a rooftop.

Newborn baby found alive in Manila airport garbage

The baby has been given the name George Francis after Gulf Air code name GF.