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"Not on the same page": Brexit poses threat to British universities

Britain`s vote to leave the European Union has left the country`s universities with a problem to solve.

Losing weight through low calorie diet can reverse diabetes

Individuals vary in how much weight they can carry without it seeming to affect their metabolism.

More women living healthier in mind, not in body

Health expectancy was measured in three ways -- self-perceived health, life without disability, and time free from cognitive impairment.

Prolonged sitting linked with fatty liver disease

Prolonged sitting such as watching TV and using the computer and other devices as well as reduced physical activity may increase risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) that may potentially lead to liver failure and death.

Malaysian suspects admit killing British students: Police

Four Malaysian men arrested in connection with the stabbing deaths of two British medical students have confessed to the killings that occurred after an alcohol-fuelled argument, police said Thursday.

Spider venom may save bees: Study

Venom from one of the world`s most poisonous spiders may help save the world`s honeybees, providing a biopesticide that kills pests but spares the precious pollinators, a study said.

Girls mature faster than boys due to early brain re-organizing

Our brains undergo major reorganisation reducing the connections in the brain as we grow older and this re-organizing starts earlier in girls during their teenage year, according to a new study.

Brain `pruning` causes girls to mature faster than boys

Girls mature faster than boys during their teenage years because their brains start re-organising connections early - a process that improves the organ`s function.

Diabetic women should monitor glucose levels before pregnancy

Women suffering from diabetes and wishing to start a family should monitor their blood glucose levels and take a daily high dose of folic acid before pregnancy to avoid risk to their baby`s health.

Gene that ups alcoholism risk discovered

Scientists have discovered a gene mutation responsible for excessive alcohol drinking, a finding that could lead to potential new treatments for alcoholism.

Dog`s mood may reflect owner`s health

Man`s best friend may also give vital clues to its master`s wellbeing!
Monitoring the mood of a pet dog could provide an early warning sign that an elderly owner is struggling to cope, a new report has claimed.

`Caffeine improves memory in honeybees`

Scientists have shown that caffeine improves a honeybee`s memory and could help plants recruit more bees to spread their pollen.

Sea urchin shows how to reduce CO2

A study of the humble sea urchin has shown British scientists a process that could revolutionize efforts to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the principal cause of climate change.

Ready meals `healthier` than TV chefs` recipes

Recipes created by popular television chefs are less healthy than supermarket ready meals, as they contain significantly more energy, protein, fat, and saturated fat and less fibre per portion, a new study has warned.

Now, a device that diagnoses cancer in just 20 minutes

The world`s first device that can diagnose cancer in just 20 minutes and identify the correct drug required is being developed by British scientists.

How the brain ages

In a new study, researchers have shown that cells that do not have the ability to divide like neurons in the brain, follow the same molecular pathway that reacts to cell damage and stems the cell’s ability to divide – known as cell senescence.

Future-focused smokers likelier to quit

Smokers who value the future are more likely to stop smoking, new research has found.

Ocean `green rust` could scrape toxic metals

Research suggests for the first time that `green rust` was likely widespread in ancient oceans and may have played a vital role in the creation of our early atmosphere.