Guyana says Venezuelan claim is threat to its survival

Guyana`s territorial dispute with neighbouring Venezuela represents a threat to its very survival, President David Granger warned Friday in Washington.

Venezuela bans another opposition politician from holding office

 Former Venezuelan state Governor Pablo Perez said on Saturday he had been barred from holding public office for 10 years, the third ban on an opposition politician in the last week. 

Colombia protests Venezuela fixing of maritime border
Colombia protests Venezuela fixing of maritime border

Colombia`s foreign ministry has sent a letter of protest to neighboring Venezuela after the government of President Nicolas Maduro decreed maritime borders in a disputed area of the Atlantic Ocean, a ministry source said on Saturday.

Venezuela anti-government march demands election date

 Marchers hit the Caracas streets Saturday to demand elections and the release of jailed Venezuelan opposition activists including figurehead Leopoldo Lopez, who has been on hunger strike since May 24. 

Venezuela`s Maduro calls Donald Trump a `thief`
Venezuela`s Maduro calls Donald Trump a `thief`

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro lashed out Thursday at US billionaire and presidential candidate Donald Trump for saying Mexican immigrants were bringing crime and drugs to the United States.

Former Latin presidents press Venezuela on rights

Former leaders from Spain and Latin America called Monday on Venezuela`s President Nicolas Maduro to free political prisoners, "respect fundamental rights and liberties" and create a climate for political dialogue.

Venezuelans mass for year's largest anti-government protests

Thousands donned white and took to the streets in cities across the country in the biggest show of frustration with Venezuela's socialist administration since a wave of bloody anti-government protests a year ago.

Venezuela opposition holds primaries before poll date announcement

 Venezuela`s opposition has held primaries even though no date has yet been set for a much- anticipated general election for the 165-mmember National Assembly (AN), Efe news agency reported.

Venezuelan opposition gears up in primary vote

Venezuela`s main opposition coalition held primary elections on Sunday, launching the race for legislative polls in which it hopes to beat embattled President Nicolas Maduro`s ruling party.

Castro, Venezuelan leader at May Day rally in Havana

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro joined President Raul Castro at a huge May Day rally in Havana on Friday in a show of socialist unity at an uncertain time for both countries.

Woman who hit Venezuela leader with mango rewarded with new home

A woman who bashed President Nicolas Maduro on the head with a mango has been promised a new house for her troubles in a surreal tropical tale that has gone viral in Venezuela.

Spain recalls ambassador to Venezuela as row deepens

Spain recalled its ambassador to Caracas Wednesday after Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused Madrid of "terrorism", as a row between the two countries intensified.

Rights board says Venezuela dissidents` lives `in danger`

 A regional rights body urged Venezuela on Monday to implement cautionary measures for jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez and another detainee, saying their lives are at risk.

Venezuelan newspapers at risk of closure: Press group

Several Venezuelan newspapers are at risk of imminent closure, the Inter-American Press Association warned Thursday, accusing leftist President Nicolas Maduro of impeding access to newsprint and discriminating against publications critical of his government.

Obama-Castro meeting overshadows anti-US line at summit

As usual when Latin America leftist leaders get together with US officials, there were plenty of swipes at the US during the seventh Summit of the Americas.

Barack Obama and Castro to break Cold War ice in person

 US President Barack Obama and Cuba`s Raul Castro will have a historic face-to-face encounter at the Summit of the Americas this week, breaking the ice after decades of glacial relations.

Venezuelan president gets special legislative powers to counter US

 A day after launching major military exercises, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has been awarded special legislative powers in response to a decree issued by his US counterpart Barack Obama, Spanish news agency Efe reported.

Venezuela`s Maduro wins decree powers in US confrontation

Venezuelan lawmakers voted on Sunday to give socialist President Nicolas Maduro special powers to go it alone in defense and public safety affairs amid an escalating confrontation with Washington.

Alleged Venezuela protest organiser kills self in prison

A man accused by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro of helping mastermind anti-government protests in early 2014 committed suicide on Friday in an intelligence service prison, authorities said.

US will pay heavy price, warns Venezuelan president

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has said the US government will pay a heavy price for classifying Venezuela as a threat, Spanish news agency Efe reported.