Nicolas Cage's 'Outcast' to release in China in January 2015
Nicolas Cage's 'Outcast' to release in China in January 2015

 Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen-starrer 'Outcast' will release in China in mid-January next year.

'Left Behind' review: Rapture 'less'

Many Christian faiths believe and talk about an end-time event in future, when all true believers who are still alive before the end of the world, will be taken from the earth by god into heaven. The term describing this event is 'The Rapture'.

Nicolas Cage becomes grandfather

Actor Nicolas Cage has become grandfather as his son Weston has welcomed a baby boy with wife Danielle.

Nicolas Cage to play disgraced Congressman in `The Runner`

Actor Nicolas Cage is set to play Colin Price, a New Orleans congressman dealing with the aftermath of sex scandal and BP oil spill, in `The Runner`.

Nicolas Cage auditioned for dating show

Nicolas Cage says he was so obsessed with the popular show `The Dating Game` in his teen years that he applied to be a contestant.

Nicolas Cage worried about personal texts going public after losing cell phone

Nicolas Cage is reportedly anxious that his personal information, including his private text messages, may get leaked into public domain after he lost his cell phone.

Nicolas Cage doesn`t take criticism seriously

Actor Nicolas Cage does not pay heed to either negative or positive remarks about him. He believes negative comments will hinder his progress, and positive ones are likely to make him complacent.

Nicolas Cage to star in `The Croods 2`

Actor Nicolas Cage is to reprise his role alongside Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds in DreamWorks Animation follow-up `The Croods 2`.

Nicolas Cage praises Chinese cinema

Academy Award-winning actor Nicolas Cage has praised Chinese cinema for being "good".

Nicolas Cage`s anger could`ve landed him in jail

Nicolas Cage says he was such an angry young man during his teenage years that his aggression could have even landed him in jail.

Nicolas Cage enjoys shooting family movies

Nicholas Cage says he enjoys shooting family movies that entertain parents as well as their children.

Family film `The Croods` to release in India April 19

‘The Croods’, latest 3D adventure offering from Fox and DreamWorks, will hit Indian screens April 19. The movie follows the world`s first modern family through the journey of a lifetime.

Nicolas Cage turned down `Shrek`

Actor Nicolas Cage says he turned down the role of `Shrek` because he did not want to "look like an ogre".

Nicolas Cage to begin `Outcast` Chinese shoot in April

Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen are set to depart for the southwestern Chinese province of Yunnan next April to begin shooting the 12th-century war-romance `Outcast`.

Nicolas Cage prefers doing own stunts

Nicolas Cage, who has done some daredevilry in "Stolen", says he prefers to do his own stunts rather than using a body double.

Nicolas Cage confirmed for `The Expendables 3`

Nicolas Cage has joined the cast of ‘The Expendables 3’.

Nicolas Cage convinced West to change shoot location

Actor Nicolas Cage convinced director Simon West to change shooting location of their forthcoming film ‘Stolen’.

Anything for Simon West, says Nicolas Cage

Actor Nicolas Cage describes Simon West as one of the best directors and says he can never refuse an offer from him.

Nicolas Cage wins apology over false tax evasion story

Nicolas Cage has received damages and apology from a British newspaper that falsely accused him of tax evasion, it has been revealed.