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Venezuela to limit US diplomat number, require tourist visas

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says he will limit the number of US diplomats allowed to work in the socialist South American country and also will require US citizens to apply for visas if they want to visit.

Venezuela to demand mandatory visas for Americans

 Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced Saturday he was implementing a mandatory visa system for all American citizens visiting the country, as a way to "control" US interference.

Kerry blasts Venezuela's 'egregious behaviour'

US Secretary of State John Kerry has blasted the Venezuelan government's "egregious behavior" and promised the speedy implementation of recent sanctions against the crisis-hit country.

Kerry blasts Venezuela`s `egregious behaviour`

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday blasted the Venezuelan government`s "egregious behaviour" and promised the speedy implementation of recent sanctions against the crisis-hit country.

Venezuela's ruling Socialists target another opposition leader

Socialist Party legislators called on Monday for a probe of another Venezuelan opposition leader accused of conspiring against President Nicolas Maduro, just days after the mayor of Caracas was arrested on similar charges.

Venezuela's Maduro again accuses opposition of coup attempt

 Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has once again accused the opposition of planning coups against his leftist government with the backing of foreign governments.

Caracas mayor to appeal coup plot charge

The mayor of Caracas, who was detained and charged with plotting to overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro`s government, will appeal the "baseless" allegations, his lawyer said Saturday.

Venezuelan mayor charged with plotting against government

 Venezuela`s attorney general`s office said Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma, a prominent opposition leader, has been formally charged with conspiracy in connection with an alleged plot against President Nicolas Maduro`s leftist government.

Venezuelan leader steps up offensive against opposition

Venezuela`s socialist President Nicolas Maduro intensified his offensive against his most fervent opponents, sending the capital`s mayor to jail as prosecutors planned Friday to charge him with a "violent" anti-government conspiracy.

Venezuelan opposition mayor arrested for coup attempt, conspiracy

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has said that Caracas metropolitan mayor has been arrested for involvement in a thwarted coup attempt and of conspiring against the government.

Venezuela`s Maduro says met Fidel Castro in Cuba

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Thursday that he had visited Cuba and met retired leader Fidel Castro, considered one of his leftist mentors.

Venezuela officials say ex-general, 13 others in coup plot

Venezuelan officials today cheered the thwarting of what they said was a planned coup that involved a plot to blow up the presidential palace.

Venezuelan soldiers, students face off at anti-Maduro rallies

Venezuelan troops blocked students during marches against President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday as pro-government supporters also rallied on the anniversary of 2014 protests that led to 43 deaths.

US curbs visas for Venezuelan officials over graft, rights

Relations between the United States and Venezuela deteriorated on Monday after Washington imposed visa restrictions on officials involved in alleged human rights abuses and those believed responsible for public corruption in the oil-exporting country.

Thousands march in Venezuela over economic crisis, shortages

Demonstrators against Venezuela`s economic crisis -- facing sky-high inflation and shortages of food and consumer goods -- took to the streets in their thousands Saturday, banging pots and demanding an end to President Nicolas Maduro`s term.

Venezuela President receives parade amid looming crisis

President Nicolas Maduro was greeted by the Venezuelan equivalent of a ticker tape parade as he returned to an increasingly stricken economy from a two-week fundraising trip.

US rules out prisoner swap with Venezuela

The United States has rejected a proposal by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to swap a jailed opposition leader for a Puerto Rican nationalist held in a US prison.

Venezuela's Maduro would free Lopez if US freed Puerto Rican

 Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Sunday he would only seek the release of jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez if the United States agreed to release a Puerto Rican nationalist currently held in a US prison. 

Venezuela's Maduro heads to China to seek financial aid

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro begins a trip to China and OPEC member countries in search of financial support as his country reels from falling oil prices and a tattered economy.

Maduro congratulates Castro brothers on new ties with US

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, a frequent critic of the United States, congratulated the Castro brothers Friday on Cuba`s rapprochement with Washington, but warned that the embargo on the island would remain for a long time.