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Nicotine sans tobacco may ward off Alzheimer's disease: Study

 Nicotine -- when given independent of tobacco -- could help protect the brain as it ages and even ward off neuro-degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease, US researchers have said.

Karnataka becomes third state to ban e-cigarettes in the country

Health Minister UT Khader said that the decision has been taken on the recommendation of the committee on cancer prevention.

Now, smoking shows you the way to weight loss!

In an experiment conducted by scientists, self-consumption of nicotine by rats has resulted in weight loss.

Candy-flavoured e-cigarette ads can influence school kids

E-cigarettes are now the most commonly consumed nicotine product amongst children in countries with strong tobacco control policies, the study pointed out.

DNA changes affect nicotine consumption: Study

They used genetic engineering techniques to remove one or both copies of the beta-3 gene.

Smoking, an escape to `drowse-free` alcoholism

Researchers have found that nicotine cancels out the sleep-inducing effects of alcohol.

US docs want stronger regulations of e-cigarettes

The AAP has urged the US Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate e-cigarettes and other electronic nicotine delivery systems the same as other tobacco products.

Marijuana may not be `gateway` drug

Contradicting the common belief that weed is a gateway drug, a researcher has claimed that smoking pot does not necessarily cause addiction to other drugs.

Smokers at greater risk of codeine addiction

A new research has revealed that nicotine gives brain more codeine relief, putting smokers at a higher risk for addiction.

Reduced-nicotine cigarettes cuts urge of smoking

A new study has revealed that reduced-nicotine cigarettes decrease the dependence and frequency of smoking.

Govt labs to test tar, nicotine level in tobacco products

 Cigarette and bidi manufacturers may soon have to declare tar and nicotine content on their packets, with the government setting in motion the process of establishing tobacco testing laboratories.

Children of smoking parents likely to be smokers

 Teenagers are much more likely to smoke and be dependent on nicotine if either parent is dependent on nicotine, says a new study.

E-cigarettes new smoking gateway for teenagers: Study

 Young people who smoke electronic cigarettes are considerably more likely to start smoking traditional cigarettes within a year than their peers who do not smoke e-cigarettes, new research shows.

Unsafe storage of e-cigarettes could be deadly for kids

If you are using e-cigarettes, make sure to keep the liquid mixture of nicotine and other compounds away from the reach of children, new research suggests.

Nicotine changes marijuana's effect on brain

Although individuals who use marijuana plus tobacco have smaller a hippocampus, their memory function is greater.

Anti-smoking drug from nicotine-eating bacteria

A bacterium that consumes nicotine may help scientists develop a powerful anti-smoking drug.

Model can predict nicotine emitted from e-cigarettes

 Scientists in the US have developed the first model that can predict with up to 90 percent accuracy the amount of nicotine emitted by an e-cigarette.

Bidi smoking is equally hazardous as cigarette smoking

Government Friday said that 'Bidi' smoking is equally hazardous as cigarette smoking even as it contains one-fourth of the tobacco found in cigarette.

E-cigarettes may be as addictive as traditional ones

 E-cigarettes may be as addictive as traditional ones as they contain nicotine in the most addictive form, researchers say.

Researches claim low nicotine cigarettes may not curb smoking

The FDA might have thought that low nicotine content cigarettes might function as a measure to make cigarettes non-addictive but a recent study conducted on the same shows opposite results.