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Death toll of Nigeria suicide blasts rises to 56

A total of 56 people lost their lives and 177 others were injured in Friday`s twin blasts that hit a crowded market in northeast Nigeria, a local official said Saturday.

Deadly explosions rock Maiduguri, NE Nigeria

The "huge explosions" happened yesterday in the Ajilari Cross area of the city, which has been targeted by similar attacks twice in the last month, including on September 20 when at least 117 were killed.

At least 100 killed in Sunday blasts: Nigeria defence group

Members of a civilian defense group say more than 100 people were killed in coordinated bombings by Islamic extremists in northeastern Nigeria on Sunday.

13 killed in mosque bombings in Nigeria

Residents say 13 people were killed and 35 injured when two mosques in northern Nigeria were bombed, the Muslim holiday marking the end of Ramadan.

Nigeria twin blasts toll rises to 110

The toll from the twin bomb attacks in Nigeria`s Kaduna State Wednesday has risen to 110, a humanitarian aid official said Thursday.

Blasts rock north Nigerian city, many feared dead

Two explosions blasted a crowded marketplace in northeastern Maiduguri city Saturday night.

Nigerian blasts kill 150, Indians among injured

The governor of Kano, imposed a
24-hour curfew after the bodies, were found scattered all over the the state

Blasts hit Nigeria’s Jos beset by sectarian unrest

Witnesses said the two blasts went off at a packed outdoor eatery in Jos city centre.