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Khloe Kardashian draws criticism for wearing niqab

Khloe Kardashian draws criticism for wearing niqab

Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian has been heavily criticised for wearing a 'niqab' in an Instagram photo.

Indian accuses Jordanian woman of molesting him in UAE lift

A 23-year-old Indian has accused a niqab wearing Jordanian woman of allegedly molesting him in a lift before stealing USD 1,225 here, media reported on Tuesday.

Minority Commission issues notice to MES prez on 'niqab' row

The Kerala State Minority Commission today issued notice to Muslim Education Society (MES) president Dr P A Fazal Gafoor, who had stoked a controversy saying 'niqab' or veil used by Muslim women to cover their faces, is 'unislamic'.

Australia abandons controversial niqab segregation plan

A controversial plan to make women wearing the burqa or niqab sit in separate glassed public enclosures at Australia`s Parliament House due to security concerns was abandoned Monday after an outcry.

Beards, niqab become liability in Egypt after crackdown

Abdul Salam Badr had no choice but to shave his beard to save himself from becoming a target in Egypt`s crackdown on supporters of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.

Egypt: TV station run by veiled women launched

Maria TV, a new satellite news channel that only features women wearing the full Islamic veil, has been launched in Egypt.

Egypt to launch TV channel with fully-veiled women

The idea for the channel came from "discrimination" against women who wear niqab.

Mother in veil barred from entering UK college

Maroon Rafique was told that for the security and safety of children and teachers, there was a ban on any type of face coverings.

US: Muslim woman asked to remove niqab by security

A Muslim woman has revealed her horror after being asked to remove her niqab by a security guard in a New Jersey mall.

Photo of Muslim woman `holding bra` sparks outrage

Sooraya Graham took a black and white picture of her friend as a part of a class assignment.

French burqa ban goes into force on Monday

France threatens burqa-clad women with fines if they refuse to expose faces.

Canada outraged over security exemption for niqab-clad women

Airport staff are required to see the faces of passengers boarding flights.

Another Frenchwoman fined for driving wearing niqab

French police fined a woman
for driving while wearing an Islamic veil, just weeks after a
similar incident sparked a major political row, officials said
on Thursday.

France, Belgium to ban burqa from public spaces

France and Belgium are steadfast in ban on face coverings worn by Muslim women.

Canadian province bans niqab for Muslim women

After France, Muslim women have been banned from wearing niqab in Canada`s French-speaking Quebec province.

Niqab becomes a flash point in Canada

The niqab worn by Muslim women has become a flash point in Canada, with most people seeking ban on the veil in public.

Cartoonist lampoons niqab, angers Muslims in Canada

A controversial cartoon in a Montreal newspaper at the weekend has further fuelled the niqab controversy and angered Muslims in Canada.

Niqab negates a woman`s personality: Egypt PM

Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif has waded into Egypt`s "niqab" controversy, saying the full-face veil wipes out a woman`s personality, the official news agency MENA reported on Wednesday.

French call for veil ban in public buildings

A French parliamentary panel will stop short of recommending a ban on face-covering veils in the street and instead will ask for the garb to be banned in public facilities such as hospitals, the panel`s president says.

Egypt`s Al-Azhar university bans Niqab in all-women classes

Egypt`s prestigious Al-Azhar University has barred students from wearing face-veils or Niqab in female-only classrooms and dormitories.