Indonesia sentences Noordin`s driver to eight years

An Indonesian court has sentenced the driver of late terror leader Noordin.

Woman could face death over Indonesia bombing

An Indonesian woman who allegedly harboured fugitive terrorist Noordin Mohammed Top in her home for two months should face the death penalty if found guilty, prosecutors said on Monday.

Terror mastermind Noordin buried in Malaysia

Slain Islamist militant leader Noordin Mohammed Top was laid to rest in his childhood village on Friday, three weeks after he was killed in a raid on his Indonesian hideout.

Dead terror mastermind Noordin to be returned to Malaysia

Indonesia will return the body of regional terror mastermind Noordin Mohammed Top to Malaysia, police said on Friday, following the militant leader`s death in a dramatic raid.

Terrorist Noordin Top`s wife wants to bury him in Malaysia

Slain Malaysia-born terrorist Noordin Mohammed Top`s wife has calmly received the news of her husband being killed by the Indonesian police. She wishes that his body be brought home in Malaysia`s Johor Baru for burial.

Malaysia not a breeding ground for terrorists: Deputy PM

Malaysia has said it should not be branded as a breeding ground for terrorists based on the acts of one or two individuals.

Indonesia awaits DNA test to confirm Noordin’s death

Indonesian police on Sunday said it could take two weeks to confirm the death of Asian terror mastermind Noordin Mohammed Top, reported killed in a dramatic standoff with police special forces.