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EU blasts North Korea for 'serious threat' to peace and security

The launch "is in outright violation of (North Korea's) international obligations as set out in several UN Security Council resolutions," the EU's foreign service said in a statement.

North Korea slams 'mean' targeted UN sanctions

The UN Security Council on Friday unanimously adopted a US-drafted resolution imposing new targeted sanctions.

THAAD can defend against North Korean missiles

A contentious US anti-missile system based in southeastern South Korea can now defend against North Korean missiles.

North Korea fires 4 ballistic missiles

North Korea test-fired four ballistic missiles towards the Sea of Japan on Monday, in what Japan`s leader described as "an extremely dangerous action", the media reported.

US, South Korea allies discuss North Korea nuclear, missile threat

Senior South Korean and US defence officials met in Seoul on Wednesday for talks focused on responding to the possibility of an imminent North Korean rocket launch and later nuclear test.