Is North Korea on brink of third nuke test?

A British daily has reported that North Korea is capable of conducting its third nuclear test after repairing flood-related damage at a nuclear test facility.

North Korean satellite tumbling out of control?

US defence officials said the "object" which was launched Wednesday has adopted an unstable trajectory, according to the Daily Mail.

China, N Korea hold highest-level talks since rocket launch

China and North Korea on Saturday held their highest-level talks since Pyongyang staged a rocket launch that drew international censure.

South Koreans vote under North`s rocket threat

South Korean voters have by and large ignored an impending rocket launch by North Korea scheduled for this week.

N Korea rocket launch draws more worry than Iran`s

Two months ago, an Iranian rocket roared off a military launch pad and placed an Earth observation satellite into orbit.

N Korea launch an intel opportunity for US, allies

As the US and its allies decry North Korea`s planned rocket launch, they`re also rushing to capitalize on the rare opportunity it presents to assess the secretive nation`s ability to strike beyond its shores.

SE Asia nations, China bring rift to ASEAN summit

The disputes in the S China Sea and N Korea`s planned rocket launch this month are top security worries to be featured in the summit.