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Panama likely to release crew of detained ship to North Korea: Official

Panama likely will return the 35-member crew of a North Korean ship detained for smuggling Cuban weapons under 10,000 tons of sugar to their native country in about a month, a government official said.

North Korean ship was carrying sugar donation: Cuba to Panama

When a North Korean ship carrying Cuban arms was seized in Panama, Cuba first said it was loaded with sugar for the people of North Korea, according to a Panamanian official familiar with the matter.

US intercepts North Korean ship at sea: Report

The North Korean ship was suspected of carrying missile technology to Myanmar.

N Korean ship`s cargo to be off-loaded for inspection

The cargo on board the suspect North Korean vessel MV Mu San will be off loaded here on Sunday and searched for any suspect material onboard.

Seized North Korean ship moved to Kakinada

The seized North Korean vessel ‘M V Mu San` on Wednesday left the Hut Bay in Andaman waters for Kakinada port in Andhra Pradesh where central security agencies and nuclear scientists will thoroughly search it.

Sugar, not snag, brought North Korean ship to India

It was the lure of money and not snag that led to N Korean ship dropping anchor off Little Andaman.

Investigation of detained North Korean ship continuing

Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Sureesh Mehta has said that interrogation of the crew of a suspicious North Korea ship detained by Indian coastguards at Andaman and Nicobar Islands was still on.

US aware of India`s step on North Korean ship

The United States on Tuesday said it was aware of the steps taken by India with regard to the North Korean ship, which has been detained by Indian authorities.

`N Korean ship had no business to be in Indian waters`

With questions still looming large over the suspicious North Korean ship detained by the Coast Guard in the Indian waters on Friday, Navy Chief Admiral Sureesh Mehta today said there was nothing to panic.