White House will not name those behind 2014 cyber attack

 The White House said Wednesday it would not name those behind a cyber attack on official Washington targets last October, after reports blamed Russia.

N Koreans eating own kids in famine-hit country?

A terrible famine in North Korea has killed up to 10,000 people and a man has been executed for allegedly murdering his two children for food.

Chinese fishermen released by North Korea

The fishermen were captured on May 8 in the Yellow Sea between China and North Korea.

`N Koreans rescued from boat seek asylum`

The arrival is the largest of its kind since February, when 31 North Koreans floated south on a boat in the Yellow Sea.

S Korea returns 7 N Koreans whose boats drifted

Tensions have been high since a deadly N Korean artillery attack on a South Korean island last year.

Nine North Koreans defected by boat in Yellow Sea

The latest in a string of defections could further complicate inter-Korean relations.