Melting Arctic sea ice affects land eco-systems

 Melting sea ice may have a direct bearing on methane emissions from Arctic tundra, according to a study.

NASA's Dawn spacecraft captures sunlit North Pole of Ceres
NASA's Dawn spacecraft captures sunlit North Pole of Ceres

NASA's Dawn spacecraft captured images of sunlit North Pole of Ceres, it has been reported.

Arctic and Antarctic ice isn't melting: Expert
Arctic and Antarctic ice isn't melting: Expert

 A global warming expert has made shocking revelations that the north and south poles are "not melting".

Earth's looming 'magnetic poles flip' may happen sooner than expected
Earth's looming 'magnetic poles flip' may happen sooner than expected

Scientists have recently warned that the Earth's magnetic field could switch, causing what is known as north and south to turn upside down and it may happen sooner than previously expected.

Huge worldwide support for Arctic sanctuary: Greenpeace poll
Huge worldwide support for Arctic sanctuary: Greenpeace poll

Creating a sanctuary to protect international waters surrounding the North Pole would be supported by a huge majority of people across 30 countries, a Greenpeace poll has said.

Coldest star in space discovered

Imagine a star as frosty as the earth`s North Pole!

Saturn`s rotation period revealed?

In a thrilling revelation, scientists have ascertained the rotation period of the enigmatic hexagon-shaped structure in Saturn`s uppermost clouds surrounding its north pole.

Scientists create largest high resolution mosaic of lunar North Pole

Scientists, using cameras aboard NASA`s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), have developed the largest high resolution mosaic of our moon`s north polar region.

Canada colder than North Pole, Mars

As the northeast US, including New York City, prepared for heavy snow and frigid temperatures, Canada recorded temperatures colder than Mars, it has been revealed.

Climate change causing Earth`s poles to shift

Researchers have said that climate change is causing the location of North Pole location to drift.

Santa is real, postal code is H0H 0H0: Canada

Canada vowed on Tuesday to defend the North Pole and Santa Claus, insisting the mythical figure is a citizen, after Russia ordered its military to step up its Arctic presence.

Canada to claim North Pole: Minister

Canada has signalled intentions to claim the North Pole and surrounding Arctic waters while announcing the filing of a UN application seeking to vastly expand its Atlantic sea boundary.

North Pole is now a swimming pool

New photographs released by scientists have shown the ice cap at the North Pole melting away - and turning into a vast lake, sparking fears about climate change.

Russia`s new Arctic research platform to cost $223 million

The construction of a year-round Arctic research platform that will step up Russia’s presence in the energy-rich region, is expected to cost up to 7 billion rubles ($223 million), the Russian natural resources minister said.

Global warming causes North Pole shift: Study

A new study that has been published in the Geophysical Research Letters, has found that the location of the earth’s geographic poles is changing due to global warming.

Activists plant North Pole flag to fight oil drill

Activists have planted a flag at the North Pole along with millions of signatures calling for the Arctic to be declared a global sanctuary protected from oil drilling.

First ever wedding held at North Pole

Norwegian explorer Borge Ousland and his bride Helge became the first couple ever to get married at the North Pole.

Saturn`s North Pole hexagon mystery solved

Astronomers have solved the
decades-old mystery of a bizarre hexagon etched into the
clouds above Saturn`s north pole.

First UAE woman to attempt North Pole expedition

Elham Al-Qasimi will become the first woman in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to attempt an unassisted two-week expedition to the North Pole.