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1 in every 9 men face risk of abrupt cardiac death: Research

 A new study has found that nearly one in every nine men face the potential risk of a sudden cardiac death before the age of 70.

Novel polymer may lead to artificial muscles soon

The integrated polymer offers two distinct "compartments" with which chemists and materials scientists can work to provide useful features.


Beat tapping not related to rhythm memory

Beat tapping not related to rhythm memory

Tapping to a beat and remembering rhythms are not necessarily related skills, says a new study that may also have implications for language ability.

Cell-free protein manufacturing platform a game-changer

 A team of researchers has developed a user-friendly technology to help scientists understand how proteins work and fix them when they are broken.

Soon, material that stretches when compressed

Researchers have come up with an avant-garde material that expands every time it is put under pressure.