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China accuses US of 'Cold War mentality' with new nuclear policy

China accuses US of 'Cold War mentality' with new nuclear policy

China urged the United States to drop its "Cold War mentality" and not misread its military build-up.

Feb 04, 2018, 10:59 AM IST

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Mar 25, 2017, 23:46 PM IST

N Korea congress adopts policy to improve, expand nuclear arms

It also enshrined a policy of not using nuclear weapons unless its sovereignty is threatened by another nuclear power, and of working towards the eventual reunification of the divided Korean peninsula.

May 09, 2016, 06:36 AM IST

Will follow nuclear policy of self-defence: China

China Thursday said there was no change in its policy of no first use of nuclear weapons, days after the country tested a new long range intercontinental ballistic missile with multiple war heads which could hit targets at a range of 12,000 kms.

Dec 25, 2014, 18:36 PM IST

Strike on Iran will be a `catastrophe`, warns Russia

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak said today that his country was not even close to
deciding to attack Iran.

Jan 18, 2012, 19:13 PM IST

Iran Parliament to review ties with IAEA

Iran says it is enriching uranium only for a planned network of civil nuclear power stations, not nuclear weapons.

Nov 20, 2011, 19:18 PM IST

Must review nuclear power policy as crisis persists: Japan

Japan must review its nuclear power policy, a top government spokesman said.

Mar 25, 2011, 00:29 AM IST

Govt unlikely to change its no-first-use nuke policy

Government is unlikely to change its no-first-use nuclear doctrine which was adopted in 1998 although a suggestion to this effect was made in
Parliament by former External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singh.

Mar 16, 2011, 17:36 PM IST

NATO ministers meet on Afghan trainers, nuclear policy

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Estonia on Thursday for talks with her NATO counterparts about the alliance`s role in nuclear defence and ways to drum up more trainers for the Afghan Army.

Apr 22, 2010, 12:46 PM IST

N Korea has `nothing to fear` from new nuclear policy: US

North Korea has "nothing to fear" if it breaks from its nuclear weapons program, officials in Washington have insisted after Pyongyang attacked the new US nuclear policy as showing continued hostility.

Apr 10, 2010, 09:33 AM IST

Obama is rethinking the US nuclear policy: Report

President Barack Obama is
rethinking the US nuclear policy and is considering reducing
the nation`s arsenal by thousands of weapons, according to
senior aides in the White House.

Mar 02, 2010, 00:03 AM IST

Ali Larijani defends Iran’s nuclear policy

Iran was within its international
obligations when it enriched some of its uranium stockpile
earlier this month and should not be subjected to UN sanctions
over its nuclear programme, its parliament speaker said on Thursday.

Feb 25, 2010, 18:56 PM IST