Iran receptive to new nuke proposal: Diplomats

With Iran refusing US demands that it gut its uranium enrichment program, the two sides are now discussing a new proposal that would leave much of Tehran's enriching machines in place but disconnected from feeds of uranium, diplomats told The Associated Press on Saturday.

US cites state secrets in civil lawsuit over Iran

The US government, citing state secrets and a threat to national security, has asked a judge to toss out a defamation lawsuit that a wealthy Greek shipping magnate brought against a nonprofit organisation seeking to thwart Iran's efforts to obtain nuclear weapons.

Vladimir Putin promises new weapons to fend Western threats

Russia is developing an array of new nuclear and conventional weapons to counter recent moves by the US and NATO, President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday as the military successfully tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile launched from a nuclear submarine.

'India, US only nations that can voluntarily give up N-weapons'

India and the US are the only two countries in world that can think about voluntarily giving up nuclear weapons without compromising their security, former diplomat KC Singh has said.

US scientist pleads guilty to taking government laptop to China

A former scientist at a US government-owned nuclear weapons research facility in New Mexico pleaded guilty in federal court on Monday to illegally taking a lab-owned computer to China and lying about it, a US prosecutor said.

New technique calls nuclear blind-man`s-bluff

Scientists in the United States today claimed to have devised a novel technique to test the viability of nuclear warheads, a tool that could be useful for disarmament inspectors.

World`s nuclear arsenal reduction slows down: Stockholm institute

The number of nuclear weapons in the world continue to decline, but at a slower pace than in previous years, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) said Monday.

No reason to think about Pak nukes` safety: US

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack at the Karachi airport the US has said that there is "no reason" to worry about the security of the Pakistan nuclear weapons.

Iran, world powers fail to make progress in nuclear talks

The fourth and final round of talks between Iran and the six world powers ended without making any progress.

Israel, US must use `all means` to block Iran threat: Minister

Israel`s defence minister said Thursday that the Jewish state and its US ally should be prepared to use "all means" to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapons capability.

Iran, UN atomic watchdog tight-lipped after talks

Iran and the UN atomic watchdog IAEA were tight-lipped on Monday after talks aimed at clearing up long-standing allegations of past efforts by Tehran to develop nuclear weapons.

Central Asian nations get assurances of no nukes

The world`s five nuclear powers pledged not to use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against five Central Asian nations that have banned nuclear weapons.

South Korea says North may be close to nuclear test

North Korea could well be preparing to carry out its fourth nuclear test, South Korea`s Defence Ministry said today, citing a significant step up in activity at the North`s main test site.

Iran nuclear deal to be drafted in May: US official

A US official says world powers and Iran will start drafting a comprehensive nuclear agreement next month.

Pakistani leaders will control nukes even in crises: Report

Pakistan will not delegate "advance authority" over nuclear weapons to military unit commanders even in the event of a crisis with India, according to a media report.

US has warned France about doing business with Iran: John Kerry

US has warned France that French companies - which sent executives to Tehran this week - will be punished if they violate US sanctions with Iran, John Kerry said.

Iran woos global investors; says no desire for nuclear weapons

Energy-rich Iran on Thursday sought to allay fears over its controversial nuclear programme and invited global investors to visit the nation to explore opportunities in its bid to normalise relations with the West.

US offers to send envoy to North Korea to free jailed missionary

The United States has offered to send a special envoy to North Korea to win the release of a jailed missionary, but signalled that any meaningful resumption of denuclearization talks required Pyongyang to give up its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

No secret agreement with Iran: White House

White House refuted reports of a "secret agreement" with Iran on its nuclear weapons programme and said it would soon make public the agreement that was reached by Iran with the P5+1 countries.

Nuclear cooperation with Pakistan to continue: China

Close on heels of Pakistan launching work on largest atomic power project with Chinese help, Beijing said cooperation between 2 sides on nuclear energy will continue as it was for "peaceful purposes".