Diet during pregnancy influences offspring's weight later in life

 A new study has examined that maternal diet during pregnancy and lactation may prime offspring for weight gain and obesity later in life.

Fish kills prey by posing as family
Fish kills prey by posing as family

A predatory fish in the Australian Great Barrier Reef preys on smaller fish by changing colour and pretending to be an adult of their species, scientists have found.

Sex guarantees disease-free life in offspring

The more we have sex, the more we avoid bad genetic mutations leading to less chances of developing diseases in offspring over time, finds an interesting study.

Even bacteria's DNA can affect your offspring

 The bacteria living inside your body can influence certain traits such as behaviour and weight and researchers have now found that these traits can pass from mother to offspring through bacterial DNA.

Some female mammals turn promiscuous to protect offspring

In mammal species among which infanticide by males is common, females turn promiscuous as part of strategy to confuse paternity and protect their offspring, a new study says.

Scientists unravel genes' link between mother's diet and obesity in offspring

 A new study has found an epigenetic link between a mother's diet and risk of future obesity in her offspring.

Overactive immunity in pregnancy linked to brain damage in offspring

The male child may be more vulnerable to brain disorders due to the immune system `overdrive` in pregnant women than the female child -- and the impact may be life long, a new study shows.

Dad`s diet, bodyweight during conception may contribute to obesity in offspring

A new study has suggested that children are more likely to have weight problems if their fathers are overweight at conception.

Higher vitamin D levels in pregnancy may result in stronger babies

Researchers have suggested that babies are likely to have stronger muscles if their mothers had a higher level of vitamin D in their body while they are pregnant.

Father`s diet may affect offspring`s health

Scientists have found for the first time that father`s diet before conception plays an important role in the health and development of their offspring.

Mother chimps crucial for offspring`s social skills

Just like in humans, chimpanzee mothers play a crucial role in the development of social skills in their offspring, a new study has found.

Vulnerability to alcohol and drug abuse may begin in the womb

A new study has revealed that a mum`s high-fat, sugary diets may lead to birth of an offspring with a taste for alcohol and sensitivity to drugs.

Scientists discover how kids inherit parents` experiences

Epigenetics is a system that turns our genes on and off.

Australian songbirds use secret password to identify offspring

An Australian song bird uses secret passwords to prevent food theft, scientists have found.

Use of mobile in pregnancy may cause behavioural disorders in kids

Women using a mobile phone while pregnant could be risking the health of their unborn baby.

Motherhood alters brain functions

Motherhood causes alterations in brain functions that help mothers locate and communicate with their offspring, especially if they are in distress, says a study by Israeli researchers.

Female birds turn promiscuous for better offspring

Female birds act promiscuously because of certain long term benefits.

Sugar found in breast milk promotes colitis in offspring

New research has revealed that a sugar found in mouse breast milk promotes the generation of colitis in offspring.

Sugar found in breast milk promotes colitis in offspring

New research has revealed that a sugar found in mouse breast milk promotes the generation of colitis in offspring.

Female birds cheat ‘to have healthy offspring’

Cheating maximizes female birds’ chances of having healthy offspring, say Australian researchers.