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Chinese military unveils new weapons after South China Sea verdict

Chinese military unveils new weapons after South China Sea verdict

Chinese military has unveiled a range of new weapons, including long-range missiles, amid calls by its top officials to be combat-ready following a landmark verdict by an UN-backed tribunal that struck down China's "historical rights" in the South China Sea.

Japan, US to limit legal protection for base personnel

Some US civilians working on military bases in Japan are likely to lose their protected legal status under planned changes announced on Tuesday, as anger rages over the rape and murder of a local woman.

US Navy lifts temporary drinking ban on its sailors in Japan

Sailors will be allowed to drink alcohol on US bases there and in private residences outside, but not in off-base bars.

US Navy slaps drinking ban on sailors in Japan

The US Navy on Monday banned its sailors stationed in Japan from drinking in response to the arrest of an American sailor in Okinawa on a suspected DUI charge.

US military kept nukes on Okinawa during Cold War

The US government has declassified the fact it held nuclear weapons on Okinawa in Japan during the Cold War, though the matter had long been an open secret.

Japan govt takes Okinawa to court over US base relocation

Japan on Tuesday sued its southern region of Okinawa over local resistance to a new US military base, the latest chapter in deepening mistrust between central authorities and the government of the strategic island.

Japan resumes work on controversial US base in Okinawa

 Tokyo on Saturday resumed work on a controversial new US military base in southern Okinawa following a month-long suspension, officials said, even as talks with local officials opposed to the project remained deadlocked.

Japan suspends work on US base on Okinawa as Abe battles low ratings

Japan said on Tuesday it was suspending construction of a contentious US air base on the island of Okinawa for a month to give time for talks between the central government and island authorities opposed to the facility.

Thousands protest US military base in Japan's Okinawa

Thousands of people rallied in Okinawa in southern Japan today in protest against a controversial US airbase on the island, as a two-decade-old bitter row over the relocation of the site drags on.

Typhoon Noul in Japan after deadly Philippines hit

Powerful Typhoon Noul crashed into the southern Japanese island chain of Okinawa Tuesday, after killing two people in the Philippines, bringing surging waves and howling winds as it headed towards the mainland.

Hundreds flee rumbling Philippines volcano, typhoon

 Hundreds of people fled their homes on the slopes of a rumbling Philippine volcano on Friday as authorities warned of rain-driven mudflows from an approaching typhoon that could bury them alive.

Powerful quake hits Taiwan and Japan, tsunami warning lifted

One man died and another was hospitalised Monday after a fire caused by a powerful quake off Taiwan that also set buildings shaking in the capital Taipei and sparked a short-lived tsunami warning in far southwestern Japan.

Deadlock deepens over US base relocation in Japan

Deadlock over the controversial relocation of a US military base in southern Japan deepened Friday when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met the anti-base governor of Okinawa.

Tokyo urges Okinawa governor to back down in US base row

 Shinzo Abe`s right-hand man on Sunday urged the governor of Okinawa to concede in a lingering row over the construction of a US air base ahead of the Japanese prime minister`s visit to Washington later this month.

Japan`s Okinawa orders halt to US military base work

 The governor of Okinawa Monday ordered a halt to construction of a controversial US military airbase, the latest twist in a saga that has riven southern Japan for decades.

Japan police arrest man after threats to US envoy Kennedy

Japanese police said Friday they have arrested a 52-year-old man for threatening to bomb the US embassy in Tokyo, days after reports emerged that ambassador Caroline Kennedy had received telephone death threats.

US military takes first step in relocation in Japan

Workers began placing buoys off Okinawa as part of a long-planned and highly contentious relocation of an American military base, which a US official said was a critical step toward the realignment of US forces in Japan.

Protests call for end to US military base move in Japan

Demonstrators rallied in Japan`s southern Okinawa island chain, calling for work to stop on the long-stalled relocation of a controversial US military base.

Typhoon Halong heads for Japan

Typhoon Halong advanced toward southern Japan on Thursday, packing heavy rains as officials warned the storm would bring strong winds and high waves to the region.

Japan issues highest alert over super typhoon Neoguri

Japan`s weather agency on Monday extended its highest alert to Okinawa`s populous main island as super typhoon Neoguri approached the southern chain, saying it may be one of the worst storms for decades.