Oklahoma governor stays execution over lethal injection drug

The governor of the US state of Oklahoma has issued a last-minute stay of execution of an inmate convicted of ordering a murder, amid questions over one of the lethal injection drugs.

Court grants last-minute stay of Oklahoma execution

An Oklahoma court granted a last-minute stay of execution to a death-row inmate Wednesday in order to consider new evidence in his murder conviction, after support from a number of celebrities.

Police in Oklahoma say motive unclear in 5 fatal stabbings

Broken Arrow: Police in Oklahoma say they have turned to social media posts for clues about the motive of a teenager accused in the stabbing deaths of his parents and three siblings during a late-night attack that left bodies strewn through the family's home.

Country musician Stoney LaRue arrested in Oklahoma

Country music artist Stoney LaRue has been arrested in Oklahoma City for allegedly pushing his girlfriend down an apartment stairs, police said on Tuesday.

Obama becomes first president to visit US prison

Barack Obama became the first sitting US president to visit a federal prison on Thursday, amid a push to reform America`s overcrowded and expensive correctional system.

Watch: Huge vortex appears in Oklahoma's Lake Texoma

A hugeE intake vortex has appeared in Oklahoma’s Lake Texoma and a person named Edward Johnson managed to capture this incredible footage.

Oil, gas drilling linked to earthquakes: Study

The recent spike of earthquakes in parts of Oklahoma in the US coincides with dramatic increase in the disposal of salty wastewater into the Arbuckle formation - a 7,000-foot-deep, sedimentary formation under Oklahoma - a study says.

At least three dead as Tropical Depression Bill lashes central US
At least three dead as Tropical Depression Bill lashes central US

Tropical Depression Bill pelted the central United States with heavy rain on Thursday after causing at least three deaths in the region, including a toddler in Oklahoma who was swept out of his father`s arms by raging waters, officials said.

Severe weather in Texas sets rain record, leaves 16 dead

Texas prepared for more flooding on Thursday while still reeling from torrential rains that killed at least 16 people, inundated major cities and set a record for the wettest month in the state`s history.

Southern US flood toll rises to 23

Rescue teams working in areas most affected by storms and floods in the southern US states of Texas and Oklahoma are continuing to recover bodies, bringing the toll to 23, Efe news agency reported on Thursday.

Houston submerged as wild weather kills at least 28 in US, Mexico

Torrential rain left much of Texas swamped Wednesday after wild weather killed at least 28 people in the United States and Mexico, and Houston`s mayor warned more flooding could be in store.

Storms kill eight in Texas, Oklahoma; floods sweep Houston

 Torrential rains have killed at least eight people in Texas and Oklahoma, including two in Houston where flooding turned streets into rivers and led to about 1,000 calls for help in the fourth-most populous U.S. city, officials said on Tuesday.

Flooding in Texas, Oklahoma prompts rescues, evacuations

Up to 10 inches (25 centimeters) of rain fell over 24 hours in parts of Texas, prompting numerous evacuations and rescues overnight and into Sunday, while a firefighter in northeast Oklahoma died after being swept away in floodwaters.

Tornadoes tear through central US, 13 reported injured
Tornadoes tear through central US, 13 reported injured

Multiple tornadoes injured at least 13 as they tore through the central United States on Wednesday destroying homes and felling trees amid heavy rains that triggered local flooding, US media reported.

Oklahoma scientists say earthquakes linked to oil and gas work

Oklahoma geologists have documented strong links between increased seismic activity in the state and the injection into the ground of wastewater from oil and gas production, a state agency said on Tuesday.

Judge OKs Bahamas holiday for US deputy who shot unarmed black man

A reserve deputy sheriff in Oklahoma pleaded not guilty Tuesday in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man -- and won a judge`s consent to go on holiday in the Bahamas.

Deputy who killed black Oklahoman faces questions over training

An Oklahoma volunteer reserve deputy police officer charged with fatally shooting an unarmed black man did not have proper weapons training, a local newspaper reported Thursday.

Prosecutors review new US police shooting caught on video

Prosecutors in the south-central US state of Oklahoma are looking into the fatal shooting of an unarmed black male by a white lawman that was recorded live on video, a spokeswoman said Monday.

Nitrogen gas executions approved by Oklahoma House

Oklahoma City" Oklahoma would become the first US state to allow the execution of death row inmates using nitrogen gas under a bill overwhelmingly approved today by the House of Representatives.

Top US court to consider use of lethal drugs in executions

The US Supreme Court agreed Friday to consider whether a cocktail of lethal drugs used for executions in Oklahoma represent cruel and unusual punishment.