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Gerard Butler splashes out on Scottish home

Gerard Butler splashes out on Scottish home

 "Olympus Has Fallen" actor Gerard Butler has reportedly splashed out almost 582,000 pounds on a bachelor pad in Scotland, just 10 miles away from where he was born.

Gerard Butler`s private screening for US Marines

Gerard Butler held a private screening of his upcoming film `Olympus Has Fallen` for US Marines because he wanted to make sure they had no objections.

Gerard Butler`s fans want him in action films

Gerard Butler says his fans wish he does more action films, but he admits he enjoys working in all types of movies.

Angela Bassett was nervous working with Morgan Freeman

Angela Bassett says she was initially nervous about working with Morgan Freeman in the action movie ‘Olympus Has Fallen’.

Gerard Butler busy being a `monk`

Gerard Butler is reportedly engrossed in becoming a monk and roaming around the world after filming his action film `Olympus Has Fallen`.

Visiting India still on Gerard Butler`s wish list

Gerard Butler says he wants to visit India soon to experience peace and calm.