Google's 'hilarious autocomplete suggestions' turned into a game
Google's 'hilarious autocomplete suggestions' turned into a game

 Have you been puzzled by a strange Google autocomplete suggestion while typing something in the search bar? Here's a game for you based on the search engine's autocomplete suggestions, Google Feud.

New online game reveals how much your personal data is exposed to risk

A new online game allows users to understand how much their personal data is at risk of getting exposed and how much even the smallest piece of that information can be a `goldmine` to some.

Online game teaches risks of personal data exposure

Sexual orientation, private debt, medical records, even your favourite ice cream flavour: do you know much of this personal information is out there and available for sale?

New online game lets players see `Facebook life` flash before eyes after crash

An online game is being hailed for its inevitable end scene in which boy racers see their lives flash before their eyes when they crash.

Now, an online game where Putin drives cars

Political experts, however, said the game is just part of Russian PM`s election campaign.

China: Online game developed to train soldiers

The online game is a first-person shooter and players can take part in individual or group missions.