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NASA's Mars spacecraft sends back images of comet Siding Spring
NASA's Mars spacecraft sends back images of comet Siding Spring

NASA has released fascinating photos of comet Siding Spring captured by one of its orbiters and a rover as it whizzed past the Mars planet on Sunday (October 19, 2014).

NASA`s Mars Opportunity breaks `out of this world` distance record

NASA`s Opportunity Mars rover has now become the first vehicle to travel farther than any other man made vehicle on the surface of another world.

Robots pave the way for human landing on Mars

With NASA rovers Curiosity and Opportunity relaying loads of information about the Red Planet, NASA is inching closer to a manned mission to Mars.

NASA`s Opportunity takes selfie to celebrate 10th anniversary on Mars

NASA has shared a selfie taken by Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity to commemorate its tenth year on the Red Planet.

NASA rover Opportunity finds signs Mars once had fresh water

NASA`s decade-old Mars rover, Opportunity, has found evidence that life-friendly fresh water once pooled on the red planet`s surface, reinforcing similar discoveries made by newcomer Curiosity on the other side of the planet, scientists said on Thursday.

No Solstice for Mars for next 194 days

While Northern Hemisphere is celebrating its first day of summer, the Mars rovers Curiosity and Opportunity in Red Planet`s southern hemisphere are enjoying the end of the warm weather season.

Muslim children should have equal opportunity: Buddhadeb

In an effort to woo Muslim voters
ahead of Assembly elections, West Bengal Chief Minister
Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee on Tuesday said that it had been his
government`s priority to provide equal opportunities to

UN agency to extend job opportunities for 40,000 Lankan widows

A UN agency is assisting Sri
Lanka to extend job opportunities for 40,000 widows in the
north and east of the country, the region affected by the
conflict between the government forces and the LTTE rebels.

Congress sees an opportunity in Jharkhand

In the wake of BJP withdrawing
support to the Shibu Soren Government in Jharkhand, Congress
on Monday saw an opportunity in the state, saying stability factor
would be crucial in any exercise for government formation.

Iran given plenty of opportunity to join world community: US

Iran has been given plenty of
opportunity to join the world community by meeting its
international obligations but it has done nothing so far, the
White House has said, as the US intensified UNSC for next round of sanctions.