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Are you positive about life? Thank your brain first

Are you positive about life? Thank your brain first

 If you are generally positive about life and inspires others too to lead a happy life, chances are that you harbour a special set of brain connections not found in people with negative thoughts, researchers report.

Cultivate optimism with your brain`s help to lessen anxiety

If you are feeling anxious, then you may want to check your orbitofrontal cortex and cultivate your optimism.

Dr Subhash Chandra Show: How does positive attitude impact success?

This Week Dr. Subhash Chandra Show was conducted at Institute of Hotel Management, Hajipur in Bihar. With an enthusiastic crowd of 250 hotel management students and faculty members, Dr. Chandra spoke about the Impact of Positivity in Success.

'Motivated people feel in control of their destiny'

'Motivated people feel in control of their destiny'

What makes some individuals notable and recognised in their respective fields has got much to do with their motivated behaviour, an expert says.

Indian football ranking to be above 100 in 7 years: John Abraham

Indian football ranking to be above 100 in 7 years: John Abraham

Indian Super League franchise NorthEast United FC co-owner John Abraham on Sunday expressed optimism that the country's ranking in international football would go up to "double digit" from the current 159th position in the next seven years.

Ludogorets remain upbeat despite defeat at Liverpool

Ludogorets remain upbeat despite defeat at Liverpool

Bulgarian minnows Ludogorets left Anfield empty handed after losing 2-1 to Liverpool in their Champions League debut on Tuesday but their disappointment was offset by continuing optimism for the future.

Optimistic partner your gateway to better health

Planning to tie the knot soon? Gauge his/her optimism levels too as a cheerful partner with loads of positive attitude would be a harbinger of health for you.

Optimism and pessimism hardwired in the brain

Researchers have said that the ability to stay positive and of being negative may be hardwired in the brain.

Optimism high around globe for better 2014, poll says

Most people around the world are optimistic that 2014 will be better than last year and that the global economy will be stronger, according to a poll released on Monday.

Ten simple ways to boost your self-esteem

Follow some of these ways to boost your self esteem

Nostalgia can make you more optimistic

Feeling nostalgic about the past can increase optimism about the future, a new study has found.

Optimists cope better with stress

People who are optimistic are better at regulating stress as the hormone cortisol tends to be more stable in those with positive personalities, a new study has found.

Eating your greens can make you more optimistic: Study

People who eat plenty of fruit and vegetables tend to be more optimistic about the future, according to Harvard scientists.

Here’s how optimism can make you overweight

New evidence suggest that certain characteristics may influence one’s health.

India loses top rank in optimism index

Optimism level among businesses
globally has increased and as many as 70 per cent of the
companies surveyed in India are bullish about the future, says
global consultancy firm Grant Thornton.

A new sense of optimism seen among Iraqi people: UN

A new sense of optimism is spreading among the Iraqi people as the level of violence in their country has began to decline with "promising moves" towards political reconciliation, a top UN official has said.