Shying away from Sun? Relax, here`s why

The ideal dose of vitamin D required by a human body ranges between 1,000 and 2,000 IU (International Units) per day.

Feeling drowsy during the day? Check your bones

If you often feel sleepy during the day, chances are that your bones may also be fragile. Researchers have found that orexin proteins - blamed for spontaneous daytime sleepiness - also play a crucial role in bone formation.

3 reasons why sun is good for you

A little sunshine can boost your mood and help prevent serious illnesses.

New hope for treating osteoporosis

Researchers have discovered a new target that may be critical for the treatment of osteoporosis.

Vitamin D deficiency risk to 84 % Indians: Report

Changing lifestyle, increasingly odd working hours and limited outdoor activities are leaving a bad impact on human health as 84 per cent of the country`s population was found vitamin D deficient, a recent study said here today.

New drug breakthrough brings osteoporosis cure closer to reality

A team of scientists has discovered a new drug which appears to be a potent stimulator of new bone growth, thus leading to new treatments for osteoporosis and other diseases that occur when the body doesn`t make enough bone.

Discovery may lead to new drugs for osteoporosis

Scientists have found that activating a biological pathway may help stimulate bone growth.

Marriage at 25 or older good for men`s bones

Researchers at UCLA have suggested that marriage is good for the health of men`s bones, but only if they marry when they`re 25 or older.

Low Vitamin B-12 levels up risk of bone fractures in older men

According to a latest study, older men with low levels vitamin B12 are at a high risk of having bone fractures.

New treatment for osteoporosis discovered

Researchers have discovered a promising new treatment for osteoporosis which involves a compound that boosts bone formation and can be easily delivered in water soluble form.

How early can osteoporosis strike?

Osteoporosis in younger people is rare, but can occur due to secondary factors such as malabsorption diseases, steroid use, anorexia and so on.

Drinking more milk during teens does not lower future hip fracture risk in men

A new study has revealed that drinking more milk as a teenager apparently does not lower the risk of hip fracture as an older adult and instead appears to increase that risk for men.

Diabetes can cause osteoporosis

Researchers including two Indian-origin scientists have confirmed that osteoporosis could be caused by type 2 diabetes.

Soak up the sun for healthy bones

Eating a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D is very important to keep your bones healthy and strong.

Not just women; men too get affected by bone diseases

Diseases among women are a common occurrence, but of late these problems, especially osteoporosis, are fast affecting men, mostly after they turn 60, experts say.

Vitamin D pills doesn`t improve bone mineral density in adults

A new study has revealed that healthy adults do not need to take vitamin D supplements, as it does not improve bone mineral density, which is an indicator for the risk of osteoporosis.

Daily drinking, ticking time bomb for women

Regular intake of alcohol poses hidden health risks in women and it may not surface until decades later, it has been revealed.

Lack of exercise makes Indian bones weaker

"Indian bones are of poor quality, plus lack of exercise further deteriorates their growth in most cases in India," Ameya Velingker, a Goa-based specialist said.

2-osteoporosis drug combo increases bone density better than single-drug therapy

Researchers have claimed that a combination of two FDA-approved osteoporosis drugs having different mechanisms of action increases bone density better than treatment with either drug alone.

Physical exercise could help women fight osteoporosis

Physical exercise programme that is based on a very basic, rudimentary materials can significantly improve upper and lower limb strength.