IOC hopes sweeping Olympic changes to mark Games revival
IOC hopes sweeping Olympic changes to mark Games revival

When the International Olympic Committee members vote on 40 recommendations next week to change the way the Games are awarded and run they will be saying `yes` to the biggest single overhaul of the Olympics in decades.

Dunga eyeing three players for every position

Brazil coach Dunga has revealed he is considering three players for every position as part of an expected overhaul of the national football team.

China to overhaul orphanages after seven kids die

China will carry out a month-long nationwide inspection of orphanages run by individuals and private operators after a house fire killed seven children.

Despite overhaul, gas wastewater still a problem

Pennsylvania`s natural gas drillers are still flushing contaminated wastewater into rivers.

Judiciary needs to be overhauled: Arundati Roy

Noted writer Arundhathi Roy on Friday said
the judiciary needed to be ` overhauled` in order to ensure
justice to ordinary people.

‘Criminal justice system in India needs overhaul’

The Delhi High Court has said the
justice delivery system needs overhauling as the poor are
not getting timely justice in higher courts which are kept
occupied with cases involving persons with money or power.