Overweight teenagers at higher risk of liver diseases later

The study showed that adolescent males with a body mass index (BMI) above 25 are at a 64 per cent increased risk of developing severe liver diseases and liver cell cancer in their late lives. 

What happens when you comment on your daughter's weight!

The findings suggest that commenting about girls' weight can have a negative impact later in life.

India's Olympic farce: After Vinesh Phogat, another overweight wrestler disqualified

India's Olympic farce: After Vinesh Phogat, another overweight wrestler disqualified

Gurpreet weighed 500gm more than what was stipulated to be eligible for the Greco-Roman 75kg category competition.

Obese people too can keep those lost kilos off

Dropping fat and keeping it off can be difficult for obese people, but a recent study suggests that they too can maintain a stable weight loss.

Unhealthy food's presence sways overweight people's choices

Suggesting overweight people to eat healthily may be a futile step as a recent study has found that their brains override rational advice when presented with real food.

Better diet, exercise can benefit older overweight, obese diabetics

When you live with diabetes, regular exercise and better diet can help older overweight and obese adults improve glucose control, body composition, physical function and bone quality, according to a new study.

Shocking! World now has more obese people than underweight

According to an analysis of global trends in body mass index (BMI), the number of obese people worldwide had risen from 105 million in 1975 to 641 million in 2014.


Obese women using oral contraceptives at stroke risk

 Overweight women using oral birth pills are likely to have an increased risk of a rare type of stroke, suggests a study.

Having younger siblings can lessen your kid's chance of being overweight

A child who does not have a sibling is three times more likely to become overweight by the time he/she attains the age of 5 or 6.

Being overweight can dampen your memory!

The study found a link between high body mass index (BMI) and poorer performance on a test of 'episodic memory'.

BMI an inaccurate health indicator; mislabels millions of healthy people as 'obese'

The study led by UCLA psychologists has found that the use of BMI to assess a person's health has led to more than 54 million Americans as 'obese' and 'unhealthy', even though they are not.

Why it's nearly impossible to shed those extra kilos

Wealthy western nations, like the U.S. and U.K., have been weight and body image-obsessed for decades now.

What's healthier than walking to work? Running to catch the bus

 Bus/train commuters had even lower rates of diabetes, high blood pressure and overweight than the walkers or bikers.

Fat around belly deadlier than being obese

Researchers found that normal-weight adults with central obesity have the worst long-term survival rate compared with any group, regardless of BMI.

It's you, not junk food

Candy, soda and fast food, which are often painted as the prime culprits in the national discussion of obesity, are not making Americans fat, according to a new study.

Weight loss apps not enough to fight obesity

According to a recent study, a cell phone app that tracks exercise, calories and weight loss goals is not enough to create meaningful weight loss in young adults.

Beware, your job could make you fat!

The sedentary lifestyle and stressfull environment that comes with longer working hours can make us gain excess weight.

Want to avoid cancer? Lose weight!

Excess fat not only increases the risk of some breast cancers, it also renders treatment less effective.

Being overweight is a blessing in disguise for Bharti Singh

Being overweight is a blessing in disguise for Bharti Singh

At a time when everyone in showbiz is sweating it out to get that perfect body, comedian-actress Bharti Singh is quite happy about being on the plus side.

An hour of video game daily can make girls fat

Young women who play computer games for an hour every day are at increased risk of gaining unhealthy weight, warns new research.