Fragile ozone layer shows first sign of recovery: UN

The ozone layer that shields life from cancer-causing solar rays is showing its first sign of recovery after years of dangerous depletion, a UN study said on Wednesday, in a rare piece of good news on the environment.

Scientists still waiting for clear signs of ozone hole healing

Earth`s upper atmosphere is still so saturated with ozone-eating chlorine that it will take about another decade for evidence that a nearly 25-year-old ban on such destructive chemicals is working, scientists said.

Ozone hole still not on path of recovery

NASA scientists have found that declining chlorine in the stratosphere has not yet caused a recovery of the ozone hole - formed annually over Antarctica.

Antarctic Ozone hole slightly smaller than average in 2013

The ozone hole, which forms every year in the stratosphere over Antarctica, is slightly smaller in size than average this year, according to NASA satellite data.

Ozone hole over Antarctica smallest in last decade

Satellite images show that the recent ozone hole discovered over Antarctica was the smallest seen in the past decade.

Antarctic ozone hole shrinks to 2nd smallest in 20 yrs

Scientists attribute the change to warmer temperatures in the Antarctic lower stratosphere.

Unprecedented ozone hole opens over Arctic

Decreases in overhead ozone lead to increases in surface ultraviolet radiation.

Ozone hole over Antarctica on the road to recovery

Researchers have derived evidence of ozone rebound, 22yrs after CFCs ban came into force.

Ozone hole linked to southern rain increases

The hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica is a significant driver of climate change.

Ozone hole healing, can cause further global warming

Antarctic ozone hole, which
was once regarded as one of the biggest environmental threats, is now steadily closing, but its repair could actually
increase temperatures in southern hemisphere, British
scientists have claimed.