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Sniffer laser for hard-to-detect explosives

There`s bad news for bomb-sniffing dogs: researchers have found a way to increase the sensitivity of a light-based sensor to detect incredibly minute amounts of explosives.

Delhi blast: Fugitive IM operatives hand suspected

Investigators are not ruling out the possibility of some of the 11 fugitive IM operatives allegedly involved in 2008 Delhi serial blasts.

PETN mixed with nitrate used in blast: MHA

Preliminary investigations in the
Delhi High Court bomb blast have indicated that "nitrate-based
explosive" laced with PETN, another deadly explosive, was

More home-made explosives found in California

Police described the California residence as a "bomb-making factory".

PETN bombs had explosives to blow up 50 jets: Experts

Ink cartridges turned into powerful
bombs by suspected al Qaeda militants contained ample
explosives to blow up 50 jets, according to experts.

Explosion by ‘Underwear Bomber’ could not have blown up plane

An experiment conducted by a BBC documentary team has proven that even if the "Underwear Bomber" had exploded his device on Christmas Day, 2009, the Airbus A330 would have survived.