Why Madge thinks she's like 'Pablo Picasso'
Why Madge thinks she's like 'Pablo Picasso'

 Pop superstar Madonna believes she's like late iconic painter Pablo Picasso, well, only in terms of being inspired for their work.

Madonna compares herself to Picasso
Madonna compares herself to Picasso

Singer Madonna has compared herself to painter Picasso, saying she sees similarities between herself and the late artist.

Paris probes theft of painting from Picasso`s step-daughter

A French art dealer has been taken into custody after Picasso`s step-daughter accused him of stealing some of the artist`s works, a judicial source said Wednesday.

Auction of Pablo Picasso painting could smash art world records
Auction of Pablo Picasso painting could smash art world records

Christie`s auction house is hoping to set new world records with a Picasso valued at $140 million and a Giacometti worth $130 million, as New York`s spring auction season kicks off Tuesday.

Italian police recover Picasso work valued at $16 mn
Italian police recover Picasso work valued at $16 mn

Italian police recovered a painting by Pablo Picasso, valued at $16 million, which had allegedly been stolen and was "about to be exported," an Italian culture ministry source said.

Stolen Picasso worth millions discovered in New York
Stolen Picasso worth millions discovered in New York

A Picasso painting, snatched more than a decade ago from a storeroom in Paris, has surfaced in New York and will be returned to the French government, US officials said Thursday.

Picasso artwork valued at $85,000 stolen from exhibition in US

A work of art by the legendary Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, valued at $85,000 was stolen during an art exhibition in Miami, media reported Saturday.

Picasso auction in US nets $4.6 mn
Picasso auction in US nets $4.6 mn

A ‘Picasso through the eyes of a connoisseur’ auction in New York brought in $4.6 million for close to 100 works by the Spanish painter.

Secret painting hidden behind Picasso’s ‘The Blue Room’ found

Scientists and experts have found a hidden painting underneath Pablo Picasso’s ‘The Blue Room’, which is one of his most celebrated masterpieces.

Is an early Picasso work in Bosnian town?

Library employees in the small Bosnian town of Kozarska Dubica, also known as Bosanksa Dubica, say that they have a little known work by Pablo Picasso in their library.

China`s richest man pays $28 mn for a Picasso

Billionaire Wang Jianlin, who is China`s richest man and chairman of real estate developer Dalian Wanda Group, paid $28.16 million for Spanish master Pablo Picasso`s painting.

Picasso ceramics to be auctioned off in London

An important collection of ceramics by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) will be offered to the public at an online auction that starts Oct 15, the Christie`s said.

Picasso painting sold for $1.8 mn in China

Spanish artiste Pablo Picasso` first-ever painting auctioned in China has been sold for $1.8 million.

Exhibition shows Picasso`s passion for women and bulls

A new exhibition at Berlin`s Kupferstichkabinett Museum provides visitors with a window into Spanish artist Pablo Picasso`s passion for women and bulls via 180 prints, drawings, paintings and other works.

US authorities seize $11.5 mn Picasso for Italy

A 1909 Pablo Picasso painting with an estimated worth of USD 11.5 million will be held by US authorities for the Italian government pending the outcome of criminal proceedings against its owner.

Picasso vase sells for record $1.53 mn at auction

A vase by Pablo Picasso became the most expensive ceramic piece by the Spanish artist ever sold at auction, fetching 980,275 pounds ($1.53 million), Christie`s said Thursday.

Picasso paintings fetch over $6 mn at auction

Two Pablo Picasso paintings belonging to his granddaughter Marina`s personal collection sold for more than 5 million euros ($6.6 million) at an auction here Thursday.

Spain marks 40th anniversary of Pablo Picasso`s death

Spain marked the 40th anniversary of artist Pablo Picasso`s death.

Pablo Picasso ceramics auctioned for $2.2 mn

A collection of 100 ceramic pieces made by Pablo Picasso were auctioned Tuesday in London for a total of 1.4 million pounds ($2.2 million), almost three times more than the maximum estimated price.

Pablo Picasso`s `Portrait of a Lady` to be exhibited in UAE

Pablo Picasso`s never-seen-before painting ‘Portrait of a Lady’ will be exhibited at the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum.