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'Pacific Rim' sequel delayed indefinitely?

'Pacific Rim' sequel delayed indefinitely?

The sequel to 2013 sci-fi film "Pacific Rim" has reportedly been put on an indefinitely hold by Legendary Pictures.

'Pacific Rim 2' production delayed until 2016

'Pacific Rim 2' production delayed until 2016

The production of Guillermo del Toro-directed sequel to "Pacific Rim" has reportedly been delayed.

Guillermo del Toro now planning 'Pacific Rim' comic series

Guillermo del Toro is now officially starting a comic series after the 'Pacific Rim' universe, titled 'Pacific Rim: Tales from the Drift.'

APEC leaders seek free trade progress at annual summit

Asia-Pacific leaders gather Tuesday for the climax of their annual summit with region-wide free trade the key focus as they try to narrow differing views on how to achieve it.

Idris Elba to turn DJ at Glastonbury 2014

Actor Idris Elba has confirmed that he will turn DJ at the Glastonbury music festival this year.

Idris Elba was determined to be an actor

Idris Elba chose to be an actor after working in a car factory because it gave him the push he needed to follow his true passion.

Charlie Hunnam`s intense `Pacific Rim` workout

Charlie Hunnam says he spent 14 hours a day, for 27 days, on a cross-trainer while filming his new movie `Pacific Rim`.