Ocean heat uptake in three oceans likely cause of 'global warming hiatus'
Ocean heat uptake in three oceans likely cause of 'global warming hiatus'

A new study has revealed that rising oceanic heat drawdown in the equatorial Pacific, North Atlantic and Southern Ocean basins has played a very crucial role in the global warming hiatus.

Hurricane Vance far off Mexico's Pacific coast

Mexico City: Hurricane Vance maintained its strength as it churned far off in the Pacific, threatening to bring rough surf and heavy rain to parts of Mexico.

US announces world`s largest marine sanctuary

The United States on Thursday announced the creation of the world`s largest marine sanctuary in the Pacific, where commercial fishing and energy exploration are off limits.

Fiji media blackout imposed ahead of election

Fiji imposed a strict media blackout Monday on coverage of the South Pacific nation`s first elections since a 2006 military coup, warning journalists face up to five years jail if they do not comply.

Hurricane Marie grows stronger in Pacific

Hurricane Marie has grown in strength as it moves out into the Pacific, reaching Category 4 status and provoking dangerous waves along Mexico`s western coast.

Hurricane Iselle forms in the Pacific: US forecasters

Hurricane Iselle formed in the Pacific far off the northwestern coast of Mexico and is heading west away from land, the US National Hurricane Center said Friday.

China looks to gain by joining big US-led Pacific naval drills

A giant US-led naval exercise began off Hawaii on Thursday with China joining its Asia-Pacific rivals for the first time, but analysts doubted the drills would ease tensions over Chinese maritime claims and some said Beijing could use them to strengthen its navy.

Obama hopes for Pacific trade deal by November

US President Barack Obama said Friday he hopes to have an agreement on framing a vast pan-Pacific trading block by the time he makes his next visit to Asia in November.

Amanda becomes a major hurricane in the Pacific

Storm Amanda has gained strength and is now a Category Three hurricane, the Miami-based National Hurricane Centre has reported.

How different types of El Nino effect differently on global warming

Research has shown that Southern Oscillation is known to influence global surface temperatures, with El Nino conditions leading to warmer temperatures and La Nina conditions leading to colder temperatures.

Fisherman rescued in Pacific after tuna boat fire

An Indonesian fisherman was rescued floating in the Pacific, 24 hours after his tuna fishing boat was seen engulfed by fire.

Salvadoran castaway says ships ignored cries for help

The castaway who survived 13 months adrift in the Pacific cried for help as several ships passed by during his ordeal, ignoring his pleas.

US drone crashes into Pacific

An American drone that is part of a fleet that patrols the border with Mexico has crashed off the coast of Southern California.

Warmer Pacific worsened cyclone risk for E Asia

China, Korea and Japan have been placed in the firing line of powerful tropical cyclones by a warming of water in the western Pacific, according to a three-decade study published today.

US panel: China navy power growing in the Pacific

A US congressional advisory panel sounded a warning today over China`s military buildup, predicting it may be able to field the largest fleet of modern submarine and combatant ships in the West Pacific by 2020.

Two new gorgonian soft coral species discovered

Researchers have found two new species of beautiful soft coral species, named Gorgonians, in the waters of the Pacific.

Japan rejects Chinese protests over sea drills, denies interference

Japan denied interfering with Chinese military exercises in the western Pacific after Beijing lodged a formal diplomatic protest.

Fukushima leak into Pacific turning into `emergency` like state

Japan’s crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant has been leaking a high quantity of highly radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean creating an ‘‘emergency’’ like situation.

Mass extinction in the Pacific due to humans

The arrival of human beings in the Pacific including New Zealand led to a rapid mass extinction of about 10 percent of the world`s bird species, a new study has revealed.

US Generals concern over growing Chinese presence in Pacific

Concerned over the growing Chinese military presence in the Pacific, the US on Wednesday said it is a Pacific power and has significant interest in the region.