Indian diplomat`s jailed paedophile son appeals term in Australia

A 34-year-old paedophile son of an Indian diplomat who was jailed by an Australian court for over 10 years for a series of sexual offences today appealed the sentence, claiming the jail term was "manifestly excessive."

UK gives Paedophiles equal status as terrorists

Paedophiles in the UK downloading manuals about how to groom children for sexual abuse will be handed the same treatment as terrorists under a new crackdown on child abuse.

Morocco jails British paedophile for 20 years: NGO

Morocco Tuesday jailed a British man, previously convicted of child sex offences, for 20 years for kidnapping and attempting to rape three young girls, a rights activist at the trial said.

`Paedophile` Jimmy Savile was called `doctor` by staff

Jimmy Savile was referred to as `Dr Jimmy Savile, OBE, KCSG, LLD` in official documents despite him having had no medical qualifications.

Conservative Catholic order meets to turn page on scandalous past

How can an order of priests go on serving the Catholic Church after revelations that the man who founded it was a fraud? That is the dilemma facing the Legionaries of Christ.

Spain catches fugitive British paedophile: Court

Spanish police arrested a 78-year-old British paedophile who was on the run and a judge on Sunday ordered him to be handed back to Britain, a court source said.

Asaram `a paedophile`, denied bail in sexual assault case

The Rajasthan High Court rejected the bail plea of self-styled godman Asaram Bapu, arrested on allegation of sexually assaulting a minor girl.

Historic child abuse inquiry opens in Australia

An Australian inquiry into church and institutional child abuse began public hearings, with warnings that widespread and "shocking" allegations would be heard against places of worship, orphanages, community groups and schools.

Alleged UK paedophile`s arrest in China sparks concerns

The arrest of an alleged paedophile from UK has raised concerns as he had worked as a teacher in an international school in China for four years before being captured in Beijing.

All convicts in Portugal child sex case jailed

The last three convicted members of a Portuguese paedophile ring on Thursday began serving their jail terms in a horrific child sex case that rocked Portugal, local media reported.

UK paedophile removed from sex offenders` list

A 71-year-old convicted paedophile in Britain has been taken off the "Sex Offenders Register", leading to an outrage among the public and sparking fears that thousands of criminals could soon be free to roam the streets.

Another paedophile strikes in Goa, arrested

Less than three weeks after a paedophile lured a seven-year-old girl to a Goa school toilet and raped her, another paedophile has been arrested for molesting over several months four minor girls from Margao, police said Sunday.

`Lolita` author Nabokov`s museum vandalised

Vandals have spray-painted the word "paedophile" on the wall of a museum dedicated to famous writer Vladimir Nabokov in St. Petersburg.

Paedophile blaming girl of seduction finally jailed

A Briton who blamed a seven-year-old girl for seducing him has finally been locked up, weeks after a judge let him walk free.

Paedophile blaming girl of seduction finally jaile

A Briton who blamed a seven-year-old girl for seducing him has finally been locked up, weeks after a judge let him walk free.

Australia`s first child sex offender register goes online

Australia on Monday became the world`s first nation to make public a sex offender`s register, supplying photographs and names of nation`s paedophiles.

Russia to set up anti-paedophile squads

Russia will create anti-paedophile squads at criminal investigation departments in the largest cities.

Why did NoTW spike Arthur Clarke’s paedophile story?

NoTW spiked an exclusive story that exposed famous science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke as a paedophile.

Sarandon plays paedophile on ‘30 Rock’

Susan Sarandon made a cameo appearance on the hit NBC comedy ‘30 Rock’.

Two British paedophiles get six years in jail

The Supreme Court on Friday awarded six years in imprisonment to two British nationals - Duncan Grant and Allan Waters - for sexually abusing boys at a homeless children`s shelter ‘Anchorage’ in Mumbai.