Match-fixers like paedophiles: ICC's Ronnie Flanagan
Match-fixers like paedophiles: ICC's Ronnie Flanagan

ICC's Anti-Corruption and Security Unit chairman Ronnie Flanagan Friday compared match fixers to paedophiles or those sexually attracted to children) in their attempts to lure players.

'International cooperation imperative to nab paedophiles'

A lack of coordination among international agencies allows paedophiles who are travelling abroad to get off scot-free, making it possible for them to repeat the crime, according to a UK-based anti-child sex trafficking activist.

Australian convicted in child sex sting with virtual girl

An Australian man caught in a global sting to trap child sex predators using a virtual 10-year-old Filipina called Sweetie has been jailed, in what is thought to be the first conviction from the operation, reports said Wednesday.

Paedophiles` brains `abnormally tuned` to find children`s faces cute

A new study has revealed that paedophiles` brains are "abnormally tuned" to find the face of a child more attractive than that of an adult.

Google to block searches for child porn

In a bid to counter child sexual abuse, Google has announced the development of a new software that will block links to child abuse material on the web.

Chinese website slammed for selling `infant sex dolls`

A Chinese website has been slammed for selling sex dolls aimed at paedophiles.

Paedophiles blackmailing kids into sex acts online

Paedophiles are blackmailing British children into performing sex acts online, threatening them to send their obscene images to their family and friends.

Russia: Chemical castration for paedophiles

The Russian Parliament`s upper house has approved a law that would provide tougher penalties for paedophiles.

`Callous` church let 3 paedophiles rape me: US man

A Philadelphia man said the church let two priests and a teacher rape him.

S Korea: Chemical castration law for paedophiles

The law gives judges the power to order sex offenders to undergo chemical castration.

New phone app to identify potential paedophiles

Scientists have developed a new phone application to identify potential paedophiles.

FB denies ‘paedophiles’ are behind cartoon profile campaign

Social networking site Facebook has denied rumours that paedophiles are behind the cartoon profile campaign.

Barbie with camera `could be used by paedophiles`: FBI

The Video Girl Barbie allows children to film for up to 30 minutes.

Sarkozy loses temper, calls journalists `paedophiles`

French Prez lost his temper and branded journalists "paedophiles" for quizzing him over a corruption scandal.

Wikipedia becomes home base for paedophiles

A probe has revealed that Wikipedia has become a home base for a worldwide network of paedophiles.