Pak Taliban chief asks govt to surrender to `Allah`s writ`

The head of the Pakistani Taliban on Monday asked the government and military to surrender to "Allah`s writ" and vowed to continue fighting until Islamic law was enforced in the country, as the group faces bloody infighting that hampered the peace talks.

No woman or child ever taken into custody: Pak military

The Pakistani military on Saturday dismissed as baseless the Taliban`s allegations that women and children were in the custody of security forces, describing it as "propaganda" by the banned group.

Pakistan military denies violating ceasefire along LoC

Pakistan`s military authorities on Sunday denied that the country`s troops had violated a ceasefire along the Line of Control in Kashmir.

Sharif urges Pak military, diplomats to tone down rhetoric against India

Nawaz Sharif has instructed diplomats and military officers to exercise restraint and make efforts to reduce escalating tensions with India over the recent violation of the November 2003 ceasefire agreement in J&K.

Pak military punishes personnel involved in terror

Pakistan`s armed forces have taken action against personnel who were involved in terrorist attacks on defence installations across the country, Defence Secretary Asif Yasin Malik said.

Pak military reluctant to confirm Ilyas Kashmiri`s death

Despite Taliban`s insistence that Ilyas Kashmiri is dead, Pak military is still reluctant to confirm that he was killed in a US drone strike.

Pak military rules out ‘accepting pressure’ to abandon tough stance on US negotiations

The Pakistan military has said it would not accept any pressure to abandon the stance taken in negotiations with the United States, according to a report.

Maj Gen Bajwa new chief spokesman of Pak military

Maj Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa on Monday took over as the chief spokesman of the Pakistani military.

‘Pak govt, military had a hand in catching Osama’

Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar on Wednesday said Pakistani government and forces "had a hand" in catching him.

Pak raises force to secure its nuke weapons

The military had announced it would induct 8,000 personnel to deter threats to nuclear weapons and materials.

ISI “biggest violators” of law: Pak SC

Pakistan`s SC
rapped the ISI & Military Intelligence over the replies
submitted by them about the detention of 11 men.

‘Civil-military imbalance impeding Indo-Pak ties’

The civil-military imbalance in
Islamabad is a key factor impeding India-Pakistan relations, Shashi Tharoor said.

Pak journo claims to have received serious threats

Pak scribe Najam Sethi has claimed that he has received threats after he raised questions about the military`s role in politics.

‘Pak Parl supreme, state institutions answerable`

The meeting "reposed full confidence in the leadership" of President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani.

Pak military fire `catalyst` of Nov 26 tragedy: US

Pakistan says the investigations are not credible and lacks transparency, a charge refuted by the US.

Pak military over minimal terrorists` conviction

Pakistani military authorities
have expressed serious concern over the "dismally low rate of
terrorists` conviction" by courts across the country.

Pak panel approves hike in defence budget

Panel approves proposal to hike budget to over Rs 500 bn for next fiscal.

Pak military to penalise Generals involved in corruption

Pakistan`s military leadership
has given a Parliamentary panel an assurance that it will
penalise Generals involved in a Rs 1.8 billion corruption
scandal in the National Logistics Cell, an Army-run
transportation company.

US special forces secretly working with Pakistan military

US embassy cables released by
whistleblower website WikiLeaks reveal that teams of US special forces have been secretly working with Pakistan military in the tribal areas, the Guardian said Wednesday.

US offers two drone surveillance systems to Pak military

The US has offered the
Pakistani military two drone surveillance systems to help
improve its reconnaissance capability, US Under Secretary of
Defence Michele Flournoy said on Friday.