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UFOs caused Bhoja Air plane crash in Pakistan?

A Russian news report on the plane crash in Pakistan shows footage of three mysterious lights moving in formation.

Pakistan orders new inspection after crash

The Bhoja Air crash on Friday was the second in Pakistan in less than two years involving a private Pakistani airline.

Pakistan plane crash: Bhoja Air owner released

Farooq Bhoja was earlier taken into custody by Federal Investigation Agency for questioning.

Pak: `Black box decoding can take up to a year`

The Civil Aviation Authority director general ruled out technical fault in the plane.

Pak vows to probe plane crash as soon as possible

A report said the plane had been descending at a speed of 500 kilometres per hour before it eventually crashed.

`Pakistan learnt little from previous air crash`

An editorial in the News International criticised the chaos following the Friday crash of the Bhoja Air 737.

Why Pakistan plane crashed?

Over a day after a plane crashed in Pakistan, the officials are looking for reasons that claimed the lives of all 127 people on board.

‘Pakistan plane suddenly dived before crashing’

The Bhoja Air plane that crashed near the Islamabad went into a sudden dive shortly before it disappeared from the radar screen and slammed into the ground.

Bhoja captain contacted tower 3 mins before crash

A report said Bhoja Air captain had informed the control tower that the plane was getting out of his control 3 minutes before the tragedy.

Judicial panel to probe Pak air crash: Gilani

Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani termed the crash "a great tragedy in the history of Pakistan".

Pak: Plane crash victims` kin arrive in Islamabad

The Bhoja Airlines flight with 118 passengers and nine crew members crashed on Friday, minutes before it was to land in Islamabad.

Boeing offers to assist Pakistan in crash probe

Pakistan Interior Minister confirmed that all 127 people on board the aircraft have died.

Pak plane crash: Criminal probe launched

Bhoja Air only resumed operations last month after suspending them in 2001 due to financial difficulties.

Pakistan plane crash: All 127 on board confirmed dead

A Pakistani passenger plane carrying 127 people crashed in stormy weather and burst into flames while approaching Islamabad airport.