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Military deal with US puts India in perilous ground; it will needlessly get into conflicts: Pakistani daily

Military deal with US puts India in perilous ground; it will needlessly get into conflicts: Pakistani daily

Noorani pointed out that it is important to correctly judge the nuances of the agreement reached between the United States and India.

Ambition more than threat driving India’s defence strategy, fancy projects, says Pakistani daily

Ambition more than threat driving India’s defence strategy, fancy projects, says Pakistani daily

Dawn said that India’s consideration of Cold Start, a next-generation conventional capability, triggered Pakistan’s interest in tactical nuclear weapons.

BJP defeat is good news, says Pakistani daily

BJP defeat is good news, says Pakistani daily

The News International said that the poll result "is a timely reminder for BJP that fuelling politics of hate is not a strategy that will work in the long term".

India-Pakistan talks only if BJP goes: Pakistani daily

India-Pakistan peace talks will be possible only when the BJP is voted out in India, a Pakistani newspaper said on Saturday.

PM Modi 'received like a star' in the US, says Pakistani daily

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an astute politician with the ability to outsmart rivals and he is aiming for the "political and military dominance of India", said a Pakistani daily that noted he was “received like a star” in the US.

Pakistan doesn't need another military intervention: Daily

Islamabad Pakistan does not need another military intervention as it has seen far too many of them and has suffered as a result, said a Pakistani daily on Thursday.

Lift ban on YouTube, demands Pakistani daily

Lift ban on YouTube, demands Pakistani daily

 A leading Pakistani daily on Thursday demanded that the ban on YouTube in Pakistan must be lifted and wondered whether it was "one of the most ridiculous bans slapped by the state".

India remains principal military threat: Pakistani daily

The Indian military remains the principal threat to Pakistan`s security and the Pakistani security establishment is right to closely track Indian defence spending, a leading Pakistani daily said in an editorial.

Militancy has damaged Kashmir: Pakistani daily

Asking India and Pakistan to revisit the fundamentals of their Kashmir policies, a Pakistani newspaper said Sunday that militancy had caused huge damage to Jammu and Kashmir.

India-US ties about smiles, opportunities: Pakistani daily

Islamabad; The India-US relationship is "seemingly about smiles and opportunities", while the Pakistan-India relationship "is about grimaces and perceptions", a leading daily said Tuesday on the concluding day of US President Barack Obama`s three-day state visit to India.

Obama's India visit a big development: Pakistani daily

US President Barack Obama`s visit to India for the country`s Republic Day celebrations is a "big development" and Islamabad must "ensure it does not suffer as a new era of US-India relations gets underway", even though "there is an element of playing to the gallery" involved in such visits, leading Pakistani dailies said Sunday.

Mumbai attack mastermind must not be set free: Pakistani daily

 Mumbai terror attack mastermind Zakiur Rahman Lakhvi cannot be allowed to simply walk away free, an editorial said and added that in the Mumbai trials, "Pakistan`s overall record in the fight against militancy is also on trial".

Firing will sour Pakistan, India ties for years: Daily

The continuing firing across the Pakistan, India border "comes at the cost of souring bilateral relations for years to come", said a Pakistani daily Friday.

Stop violence in Saharanpur, says Pakistani daily

The communal violence in Indian town of Saharanpur should be halted at once before it spreads and becomes uncontrollable, a Pakistani daily said in an editorial.

Pakistani daily concerned over India`s hiked defence budget

New Delhi`s rationale for increasing the defence budget is "consistent with the shift in the Indian government`s ideology to more nationalistic elements under Prime Minister Narendra Modi", said a Pakistani daily Monday.

Read Modi`s intentions with political realism: Pakistani Daily

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visiting or not visiting India to attend his counterpart Narendra Modi`s swearing-in ceremony is not the issue but Pakistanis need to read Modi`s intentions with political realism, a leading daily said Saturday.

Modi will take along Muslims, neighbours: Pakistani daily

Given Narendra Modi`s substantial experience as chief minister, it is unlikely that he will overtly antagonise either India`s sizeable Muslim minority, or its neighbours, a Pakistani daily said.

Don`t talk of war with India: Pakistani daily

With tension along the Indian border abating, "all talks of war" should be avoided, said a Pakistani daily Saturday.

Disaster in India leaves Pakistani daily worried

Pakistan must closely watch for weather systems approaching the country that may cause a disaster situation,following the calamity in India`s Uttarakhand.

Revive Pakistan`s film industry, says Pakistani daily

Much needs to be done for reviving Pakistan`s film industry, said a leading Pakistani daily Friday.