The rock people

Do you think geologists play with rocks all day? Wrong! Patricia Mascarenhas explores the scope of this rocking career.

India`s fossil collection under threat

Dead for millions of years, they are now at the risk of yet another death!

Great whites `not descendants of megasharks`

The evolutionary history of the great white shark, which is one of the largest living predatory animals, has been debated by paleontologists for the last 150 years.

Animals existed 30mn years prior than thought

University of Alberta researchers have discovered evidence that proves animals existed 585 million years ago - 30 million years earlier than previously established records.

Ancient turtle as big as small car unearthed

Scientists have unearthed what they believe are the fossilised remains of a turtle the size of a small car that roamed across what is now South America some 60 million years ago.

Mysterious `monster` fossil discovered in US

An amateur paleontologist has recently discovered a very large and very mysterious fossil in the Cincinnati region, United States, which has left the professionals puzzled.