Abbas says talks with Israel still on table

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas said Wednesday talks with Israel are still on the table, despite moves against the Jewish state at the UN and numerous failed rounds of negotiations.

Palestinian political stalemate is stalling Gaza rebuilding: UN Envoy

The inability of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas to cooperate in the Gaza Strip has hit vital post-war rebuilding and international donors are wary of sending more funds, a senior United Nations envoy said on Thursday.

US opposes Israel's freeze on Palestinian tax revenue

The United States said on Monday it opposes a move by Israel to freeze the transfer of tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority in retaliation for its bid to join the International Criminal Court.

Spanish Congress votes for recognising Palestinian state

The Spanish Congress voted by 319 votes with just two against and one abstention in favour of a proposal to "urge the government to recognise the state of Palestine as a subject of international law".

India offers USD 4 mn for Gaza reconstruction

India has committed USD 4 million for Gaza reconstruction in response to the recovery plan presented by Palestinian Authority at Cairo International Conference as the international community pledged a total of USD 5.4 billion for the cause.

Thousands of pro-peace Israelis stage demo

The pro-peace protest was the largest in Israel since it launched operation Protective Edge on July 8, an offensive that has seen at least 1,980 Palestinian deaths and 67 on the Israeli side.

Talks on ending Gaza war "difficult", but truce holds

Talks to end a month-long war between Israel and Gaza militants are "difficult", Palestinian delegates said on Tuesday, while Israeli officials said no progress had been made so far and fighting could soon resume.

Palestinian shift may bring war crimes case closer to Israel

The possibility of a war crimes investigation into the conduct of Israeli forces in Gaza, until recently unthinkable, has grown after the Palestinians said this week they wanted to become a party to the International Criminal Court.

Palestinian Authority official says Hamas accepted two-state solution

The "historic" reconciliation deal inked by rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah includes working towards a two-state solution that recognises Israel`s existence, a senior official said today.

Canada recalls diplomats from Israel, West Bank

Canada`s foreign affairs minister John Baird had said that Canada will review its whole relationship with the Palestinian Authority.

‘Israel will topple Abbas if PA goes ahead with UN bid’

Israel will offer some sops to President Mahmoud Abbas led Palestinian Authority to lure him to give up on his UN bid to receive a non-member state status.

PA seeks UNGA vote in November on status upgrade

The Palestinian Authority is set to ask the UN General Assembly for a vote this month on its bid for a status upgrade, defying the threat of sanctions from the US and Israel.

Israel and PA should opt for direct talks: Ahamed

The issue of Palestine has taken a decisive turn after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas applied for full membership at the United Nations.

Hamas rejects Palestinian Authority call for election

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas calls for elections before September.

Palestinian Authority bans work in settlements

Palestinians must stop working in Jewish settlements by next year, a Palestinian cabinet minister said Tuesday.

Palestinian Authority to ban work in settlements

The Palestinian government will move to prevent Palestinian workers from taking jobs in Israeli settlements in the West Bank, the Palestinian economics minister said on Sunday.

Palestinian Authority could abandon two-state solution

With the West Asia peace process in limbo, the Palestinian Authority has threatened to withdraw from the 1993 Oslo Accords that envision a two-state solution.