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Palestinian UN bid ‘without substance’: Israeli minister

Palestinian bid for statehood is expected to be supported heavily in a 193-member UNGA, despite severe opposition by the US and Israel.

Pushing Palestinian resolution at UN a mistake: US

The US said that the Palestinian bid for a non-member observer state at the UN would be a "mistake".

Palestinian UN bid a mistake, says US

The US has termed as a "mistake" the Palestinian bid to become a non-member observer state at the UN.

Panel holds first meeting on Palestinian UN bid

It was the beginning of an assessment process that will pit the aid-dependent Palestinians against the US and Israel.

UN Council takes first step on Palestinian UN bid

Israel and the United States oppose the move and consider it a step back from long-stalled peace talks.

Palestine: Abbas submits UN statehood bid

Abbas` jubilant mood was matched by celebration of thousands of Palestinians who thronged around outdoor screens in town squares across the West Bank.

Clock ticks on Palestinian UN plan

President Mahmoud Abbas is pushing ahead with plans to submit the Palestinian application to the UN Security Council.

Palestinians confident on UN vote, but veto looms

A veto by US, one of the five permanent members, would still block approval even if most other members agree.

Diplomats scramble ahead of Palestinian UN bid

Diplomats are working feverishly to guide the Israel and Palestine back into direct negotiations.

Hillary talks to Abbas over Palestinian UN bid

The Palestinians are expected to make their bid later this month before the UN General Assembly.