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Hailed by Israel, US ruling a setback for Palestinians

The Palestinians may be turning to the international courts to advance their bid for statehood but they have lost a first battle in the US courts that could cost them dearly.

UN officials warns of further conflict in Gaza

A top UN official warned Thursday of another potential conflict in the Gaza Strip, urging Israel to lift its blockade and the Palestinians to end in-fighting to avoid further violence.

Israeli army destroys tunnel linking Gaza, Israel

The Israeli army destroyed an underground tunnel connecting eastern Gaza city and Israel early Monday, Xinhua news agency reported citing witnesses and the Israeli military.

Palestinians in Syria cut off from aid once more: UN

Tens of thousands of longtime Palestinian refugees in a camp on the outskirts of the Syrian capital have been cut off from United Nations emergency aid for nearly two months by armed groups that are preventing access, a UN official said.

Palestinians denounce new Israeli settlements as `war crime`

Israeli plans to build 430 new settler homes in the occupied West Bank constitute a "war crime", a senior Palestinian official said Friday.

Israeli intel unit drops soldiers who refused to spy on Palestinians

Israel`s top military electronic surveillance unit expelled dozens of veterans on Monday for refusing to spy on Palestinians living under occupation, Army Radio said.

Canada's Baird denounces ICC war crimes probe of Israel

Canada`s top diplomat on Sunday denounced a decision by the International Criminal Court to open a preliminary probe into possible Israeli war crimes, as he arrived for talks in Jerusalem.

For Palestinians, Asian Cup more than a game
For Palestinians, Asian Cup more than a game

From the West Bank to the Gaza Strip, Palestinians are pinning both sporting and political aspirations on their national football team as it prepares for its Asian Cup debut in Australia.

UN confirms Palestinians will be ICC member from April 1
UN confirms Palestinians will be ICC member from April 1

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has confirmed that the Palestinians will officially become a member of the International Criminal Court on April 1, the U.N. press office said on Wednesday.

Israel says arrests Islamic State-linked Palestinians in West Bank

Israeli forces have detained three Islamic State-inspired militants in the occupied West Bank, the first known Palestinian cell linked to the Syria- and Iraq-based insurgent group, the Shin Bet internal security service said on Sunday.

Israel freezing tax payment to Palestinians over ICC bid

Israel is delaying the transfer of taxes it collects on behalf of the Palestinians in retaliation for their application to join the International Criminal Court, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

Palestinians present ICC membership request to UN

The Palestinian envoy to the United Nations on Friday formally requested membership in the International Criminal Court, which would allow them to lodge war crimes complaints against Israel.

Palestinians demand UN vote on Israeli withdrawal, defeat likely

UN Security Council is expected to vote as early as Tuesday afternoon on a Palestinian draft resolution that calls for a peace deal with Israel within a year and an end of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories by late 2017.

Palestinians seek to move forward on UN resolution

Palestinian envoys pressed on with changes to a draft UN resolution on statehood Monday and their amended text could be put to a vote at the Security Council this week

Israel set new date for West Bank outpost demolition

An Israeli court ordered the destruction of a settlement in the West Bank in a decision on Thursday that comes a decade after the first ruling to demolish the outpost.

Israel approves 243 new settler homes in East Jerusalem

Israel has given preliminary approval for the construction of 243 new homes on West Bank land that Israel annexed to Jerusalem, and advanced plans for another 270 homes in the same area, officials said on Thursday.

630 Gazans enter Egypt as Rafah reopens for two days

Around 630 Palestinians left Gaza and entered the Egyptian Sinai through the Rafah crossing on Sunday after Cairo authorised a temporary reopening of the border, a Palestinian official said.

Palestinians, Israelis clash in West Bank

Israeli paramilitary border police clashed today with 60-100 rock-throwing Palestinians in the West bank city of Hebron, the Israeli military said.

Palestinians seek UN resolution on Israeli withdrawal

The Palestinians are seeking a UN resolution by year-end that would set a timetable for Israel's withdrawal from occupied Palestinian territory, chief negotiator Saeb Erakat has said.

Israel arrests 19 Palestinians from West Bank

Israeli forces arrested 19 Palestinians on the charges of terrorism and other criminal offences in raids across West Bank, an army spokesperson said Monday.