Bull gores two in final run of Spain`s San Fermin

A fighting bull gored two men and spread panic in a hair-raising final running of the bulls at Spain`s San Fermin festival today.

Little change in La Liga relegation fight

With Real Madrid`s game away to Valladolid postponed to allow them more time to prepare for next week`s Champions League tie at home to Bayern Munich, the attention turned to sides battling to avoid relegation to the second division.

Pamplona bull stampede hospitalises 21

Daredevil bull-runners were crushed in a pile-up in the Spanish city of Pamplona during its famed San Fermin festival.

Bull runners crushed in chaotic Pamplona pile-up

Daredevil bull-runners were crushed in a pile-up in Pamplona today on the seventh day of Spain`s famed San Fermin festival, and at least one man was carried away unconscious.

Two injured at Pamplona`s fifth bull run

Hundreds of daredevils tested their bravery on Thursday by fleeing half-tonne fighting bulls through the winding streets of Pamplona in northern Spain in a run that sent two men to hospital.