Did you know? 7 weird facts about giant pandas  – Watch!

Did you know? 7 weird facts about giant pandas – Watch!

Watch the video to know some weird facts you might not know about pandas!

Pandas may have unique body clock

Pandas may have unique body clock

Unlike other mammals who are typically active either during the day, night or during twilight - at dawn and dusk - pandas may have a unique activity pattern. They are most active in the morning, afternoon and midnight, says a new study.

Decoded: Giant pandas' lazy lifestyle

Decoded: Giant pandas' lazy lifestyle

 Throwing fresh insight into the secretive life of pandas, a new study finds that giant pandas have clever ways to conserve energy, including having lazy lifestyles, small organs and special genes.

Pandas not as solitary as earlier thought

Pandas not as solitary as earlier thought

Renowned for being loners, the elusive giant pandas actually keep company at times, say researchers who electronically stalked five animals in China's bamboo forests.

Pandas more resilient, flexible than thought

Pandas more resilient, flexible than thought

Pandas are not quite as delicate, and picky about their habitat, as previously thought, finds a research on the difficult-to-study endangered animal.

Giant Panda Valley launched in China

Giant Panda Valley launched in China

As part of its endeavour to reintroduce pandas into the wild, China has launched its first-ever Du Jiang Yan Giant Panda Valley in Sichuan province.

From pandas to planes, Belgium language row resurfaces at vote

From bickering over giant pandas to aeroplane flight paths, the row between Belgium`s northern Dutch-speakers and French-speaking southerners takes political centre-stage at a key vote Sunday.

Japan zoo gives pandas privacy as mating season starts

A Tokyo zoo is to shutter its panda display in an effort to encourage the famously lethargic creatures to concentrate on mating without the distraction of spectators, a spokeswoman said today.

Scientists to develop `formula milk` for pandas

Scientists are developing an artificial milk formula for panda cubs to boost conservation efforts for one of the world`s most endangered species.

Chinese pandas to have TV reality show

The pandas, the pride of China and a species most in danger of going extinct, will be getting their own television reality show with one TV channel recording their activities 24 hours a day.

China`s `spoilt` pandas

Giant pandas in China`s research centres have become "spoilt" because of the extra care taken by experts for these lovable creatures that were once on the verge of extinction.

Stop pampering Giant Pandas: Experts

China should not pamper the Giant Pandas though they are one of its national treasures,
wildlife experts say, citing very low birthrate among the endangered cuddly animal.

Superstar farewell for US-born, China-bound pandas

They were treated like pop idols — except for being stuck in travel crates.

China builds centre to ease pandas into wild

China has started construction on a research centre to help captive pandas adapt to the wild with a view to releasing them into nature, state media reported.

Pandas relocated during quake to return by 2012: State media

60 pandas, relocated from their base in SW China`s Sichuan Province, after last year`s devastating earthquake destroyed their home are set to return in 2012.

Pandas could be extinct in 2-3 generations: Report

China`s giant panda could be extinct in just two to three generations as rapid economic development is infringing on its way of life, state media said on Monday, citing an expert at conservation group WWF.