Law Commission mulls shared parenting, joint custody

New Delhi: India, where the idea of shared parenting is still new to custody jurisprudence, is moving one step ahead on the lines of developed countries to give parental right to both the parents in case of separation

'Parenting' plays little role in child's IQ development

A new study has revealed that conventional parent children interaction like reading bedtime stories, engaging in conversation and eating nightly dinners together in early age has no role in IQ development of the child.

Strict parenting puts kids at low self-esteem risk

Punitive parenting techniques used by some parents may lead to the development of low self-esteem and school adjustment difficulties in kids, leaving them vulnerable to depression and problem behaviours, finds new research.

Trusting kids is best form of parenting: Jada Pinkett Smith

 Jada Pinkett Smith believes trusting children is a better form of parenting than punishing them when they do wrong.

Guy Ritchie is a father again

Filmmaker Guy Ritchie`s fiancee Jacqui Ainsley has given birth to the couple`s third child.

5 celebrities give parenting advice

Famous parents share their best baby advice.

How fatherhood reshapes your brain

Even as men draw flak for not doing enough of parenting as mothers generally do, researchers have discovered that taking care of his kids may not only enforce hormonal changes in fathers but also reshape their brains.

Not thinking about kids: Elizabeth Olsen

Actress Elizabeth Olsen, known for her role in “Godzilla”, may soon tie the knot with her fiancé Boyd Holbrook, but she is not thinking about starting a family soon.

How much sleep parents lose over a child? Eight years!

Believe it or not, if you are a parent you will have over eight years worth of sleepless nights by the time your child turns 30, a British study has revealed.

Paltrow, Martin fell out over parenting and diet?

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin`s marriage fell apart reportedly over their differing views on parenting and diet.

Smartphones making parents ignore their kids

A new study suggests that parents who are too busy on their smartphones usually ignore their kids.

Ben Affleck is competitive parent: Jennifer Garner

Actress Jennifer Garner feels that her actor-director husband Ben Affleck is competitive when it comes to kid`s basket ball games.

Neanderthal were good parents: Study

Learn from our ancestors when it comes to good parenting.

Beware! Lies by adults affect child`s honesty

It is time you stopped lying to your kids, even if it is just to get their cooperation as children who are lied to are more likely to cheat, a new research suggests.

Parenting brings Channing Tatum, wife closer

Actor Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna feel closer ever since they have become parents to nine months-old daughter Everly.

Money and parenting don`t gel well

Don`t call your investment banker to pick best stocks of the day or make a business call while getting your kids` homework done.

Your relationship with your mum can raise your kids` obesity risk

A new study has found that your bond with your mother or lack thereof can have an indirect impact on your own child`s chances of obesity.

Parents` attitude linked to kids` chronic pain

Adolescents whose parents suffer from chronic pain may be more likely to develop ongoing pain too - especially if the parent tends to `catastrophize` pain, according to new research.

Strict parenting may reduce teen smoking

Parents who set limits are less likely to have kids who smoke, regardless of their ethnic and racial backgrounds, according to a new U.S. study.

`Stricter` parents have `thinner` kids

A new study has found that parents who lay down proper rules and regulations in the family house have slimmer kids.