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Facebook bullies `destroyed` Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson `s family has blamed Facebook bullies for her suicide attempt.

Paris Jackson posted pics of `self-mutilation` before suicide attempt

Paris Jackson, who had tried to commit suicide by slashing her wrists earlier in June, had reportedly posted some horrific pictures of self-harm online, prior to the incident.

Mark Lester offers Paris Jackson place to live in UK

Paris Jackson`s godfather Mark Lester has reached out to the teen and offered her a place to live in the UK, after her recent suicide attempt.

Paris Jackson to undergo intense therapy after suicide attempt

Paris Jackson, who is in hospital after attempting suicide on June 5, will soon be undergoing a treatment.

Call to paramedics after Paris Jackson`s suicide attempt described injuries

Paramedics were dispatched to Paris Jackson`s home on a report that the 15-year-old had taken 20 Motrin pills and cut herself with a kitchen knife, it has been revealed.

Paris Jackson to stay in care home?

Michael Jackson`s daughter Paris Jackson has reportedly been asked to shift from a psychiatric unit to a children`s ward at UCLA Medical Center here.

Paris Jackson attempted suicide by using kitchen knife

Paris Jackson – who allegedly tried to commit suicide on Wednesday – is said to have slit her wrist with a kitchen knife and even left a suicide note.

Pressure of testifying in billion-dollar lawsuit led Paris Jackson `to attempt suicide`

Michael Jackson`s daughter Paris attempted suicide because of the pressure of testifying in the billion-dollar lawsuit.

Paris Jackson `physically fine` after suicide attempt

Late pop legend Michael Jackson`s 15-year-old daughter Paris is now "physically fine" and "safe" after reportedly attempting suicide.