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FIR lodged against parrot for hurling obscenities at woman

A woman lodged an FIR against a parrot and accused the parrot of hurling obscenities at her.

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Watch: 15 reports from 15 cities of India

15 reporters reporting from 15 cities of India only on Zee News.

Shocking! Police detain 'abusive' parrot in Maharashtra

Shocking! Police detain 'abusive' parrot in Maharashtra

A parrot in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, was detained by police on Tuesday after an old woman filed a complaint against it for making obscene remarks at her.

Parrot accused of hurling 'obscenities' at old woman!

In a bizarre case, a parrot accused of"hurling obscenities" at an octogenarian woman was summoned to a police station at Rajura in Maharashtra's Chandrapur district on Monday after a complaint against its owner that he had allegedly tutored his caged pet to do so.


Tasmania's swift parrot can go extinct in 16 years

 The iconic Tasmanian swift parrot can soon follow the dodo as researchers have found that the bird is facing population collapse and could become extinct within 16 years.

California parrot that vanished for four years returns speaking Spanish: Paper

The owner of a parrot that spoke English with a British accent says the bird went missing for four years, only to return speaking Spanish and asking for someone named Larry, a Southern California newspaper reported on Monday.

Makeshift egg repairs help survival of rare parrot

Tape and a bit of glue have helped save the life of a hatching chick of one of the world`s rarest birds, New Zealand conservation officials said Monday.

Parrot owner gets payout after RAF plane noise kills his bird

A parrot owner has been given 2,200 pounds in compensation after his exotic bird was killed by the noise from a low-flying Air Force plane.

Parrot saves owners life in house fire in UK

A pet parrot in the UK has emerged as an unlikely hero after he perished saving the life of his teenage owner from a house fire.

Tipsy parrots nursing hangover

Dozens of parrots in Australia had to be hospitalised as they had got drunk. Now, vets are curing their hangover.

Rahul not a ‘parrot’: Congress

Rahul Gandhi is "not a parrot", a
Congress spokesperson said on Thursday, rebutting suggestions that
he was silent on the Anna Hazare issue.

Liz Hurley’s pet parrot is a fan of ‘Bruno Mars’!

Elizabeth Hurley’s pet parrot can mimic sounds and human speech.

Parrots from India annoy UK officers

Flocks of
parrots over London are increasingly seen as pests.

Parrots ‘tend to be left handed’

Just like humans, parrots too choose to use one side of their body.

Colombian police arrest parrot in crime raid

A parrot helped many alleged drug dealers and thieves get away during a raid.

Parrot’s screech scares off burglars!

A parrot scared off a gang of burglars when it screeched loudly.

Mithu the parrot forgotten - year after Assam blasts

As Assam completes a year of the horrific serial bombings Friday, little Mithu`s heroics have been completely forgotten.

World’s smallest parrot filmed in wild for first time

The world’s smallest parrot, which is not much bigger than an adult person’s thumb, has been filmed in the wild for the first time.