CERN`s new machine to be four times the size of present LHC

Scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN are planning to build a huge underground “atom smasher” machine that will be four times the size of the present Large Hadron Collide that is some 27km long.

Use of Roman ingots in `dark matter and neutrinos study` sparks controversy

The properties of the lead bricks recovered from ancient Roman shipwrecks are ideal for experiments in particle physics and scientists have begun to use them to study dark matter and neutrinos, but archaeologists have raised alarm about the destruction and trading of cultural heritage that lies behind this.

CERN scientists to look for antigravity

In what could be their most revolutionary project to date, CERN physicists are set to begin an experiment to determine if antigravity exists.

New tests back concept for particle physics: CERN

Tests at the world`s biggest collider have provided the most exhaustive confirmation to date of the Standard Model, a four-decade-old conceptual framework for fundamental particles, CERN said Friday.